Hulu is a subscription-based TV and movie streaming platform. Launched in the U.S. in 2008, it offers next-day viewing for many TV shows and is available in both Hulu and Hulu Plus formats. The platform started debuting original programming in 2012.

The best new TV shows to stream this weekend
Superhero shows? True crime docs? Sci-fi comedies? We've got you covered.
Hulu greenlights four animated series based on obscure Marvel characters
All four shows will culminate in a crossover special titled 'The Offenders.'
‘PEN15’ is a painfully accurate cringe comedy with an emotional core
Get ready to relive your middle school trauma.
Instagram-famous egg releases inspiring Hulu video
'Recently, I’ve started to crack.'
Hulu to begin showing ads on pause screen
New ads aim to be less-intrusive than the traditional commercial break.
Netflix has the most Rotten Tomatoes-approved movies—and it’s not even close
Amazon's library contains more than 17,000 movies. But Netflix has it beat in terms of quality.
How to watch the Fyre Fest docs for free
The competing docs offer a compelling look at the ill-fated festival.
Hulu with Live TV just hiked its prices
Here's the real reason your bill just got more expensive—and what to expect next.
Here’s how to stream all of the 2019 Oscar-nominated films
There's a lot you can watch right now.
Ja Rule thinks he was also a victim of Fyre Fest
The rapper watched the Netflix and Hulu docs and claims he was scammed too.
A redditor planted an Easter egg in Hulu’s Fyre Fest doc
Are there more easter eggs to be found?
Hulu’s ‘Fyre Fraud’ plays along with the long con
Hulu did some great event planning to scoop Netflix.
NBC to launch curious new streaming service
It'll be free to cable subscribers.
How to watch ‘True Detective’ season 3 for free
Season 3 offers a return to form for HBO's hit crime drama.
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