A former first lady of the United States, U.S. senator from New York, and secretary of state under President Barack Obama, Clinton was the Democratic presidential nominee in the 2016 election.

Trump goes on Twitter spree over month-old Hillary Clinton story
The president was busy on Twitter this morning.
Suspect arrested for sending ‘suspicious packages’ to Democrats
The bombs are reportedly similar to one sent to George Soros.
Bomb mailed to Robert De Niro’s restaurant
The Hollywood actor is the sixth Trump opponent to receive such a package this week.
Explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton instantly branded as leftist hoaxes by the far right
The threat against Susan Collins, however, was obviously a lib.
Hillary Clinton says Monica Lewinsky’s adult age eradicated Bill Clinton’s abuses of power
Hillary supporters are disappointed in her defense of her husband.
The internet is shook over Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson meeting the Clintons
'Aretha in heaven wondering how Pete Davidson got an invitation to her funeral.'
FBI pushes back over Trump’s claim China hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails
The FBI said there was no evidence China hacked Clinton's emails.
Trump calls for investigation into Chinese hacking of Hillary Clinton
The claims appear to have come after a report from the Daily Caller was published.
The internet mourns the death of John McCain
Not all of the remembrances were positive.
This Michael Cohen tweet about going to prison did not age well
On the day of his plea deal, a 2015 tweet is coming back to haunt him.
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