A former first lady of the United States, U.S. senator from New York, and secretary of state under President Barack Obama, Clinton was the Democratic presidential nominee in the 2016 election.

Women say they were sexually harassed on Clinton, Sanders campaigns
Both women say the campaigns did not handle their situations well.
Sessions defends DOJ, says Trump isn’t influencing investigations
He made the remarks at a lengthy testimony on Tuesday.
DOJ considering new special counsel to investigate Republican concerns
If appointed, the special counsel would probe the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal.
The 3 things Democrats must demand from the DNC going forward
Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile's tell-all has exposed severe weaknesses in the DNC. It's time to demand better.
Clinton-DNC deal only applied to preparations made for general election
The deal had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.
Clinton’s emails were hacked by Russia using brute force, investigation shows
The Associated Press dug deep into Russia's attack on Hillary Clinton's emails.
Furious Trump tweetstorm demands full investigation into Clinton, DNC
Maybe he's making up for the 11 minutes he lost when his account went dark on Thursday night.
Ex-DNC chair details ‘unethical’ Clinton takeover of party finances
An agreement said Clinton's campaign would pay off the DNC's debt in exchange for control of the financials.
Russia’s 2016 election hacking efforts extended far beyond Clinton, DNC
Other U.S. officials and defense contractors were also targeted.
Donald Trump Jr. jabs Clinton with weird Halloween joke
Make Halloween Not Stupid Again.
A Russian ‘troll farm’ reportedly made a fake Hillary Clinton sex tape
A former employee of the Internet Research Agency is speaking out.
The right can’t stop laughing at this old Hillary Clinton birthday tweet
It's a tweet that will surely haunt us every year on Oct. 26.
House GOP leaders launch investigation into FBI’s Clinton email probe
House Republican leaders say they aim to restore confidence in the U.S. justice system.