Stories of the myriad ways the web affects our health, and what to do about it. Here, we explain the latest news about whether your favorite food is going to kill you or not. Or sometimes we’re just gushing about the latest sex toy.

The chronically ill are turning to social media for much-needed relief
A chronic headache sufferer explains why there is solace in staring at a screen.
E-cigs contain cancer-causing toxins, study finds
Fruit flavors are the most dangerous.
This wireless patch can predict a heart attack before it happens
The device can be used in the ER or at home.
FaceTime call helped this woman diagnose a stroke
Her sister noticed her speech slurring and face drooping on one side.
Google can now detect heart disease through an eye scan
This AI is as accurate as current risk-assessing methods.
110 child health experts ask Facebook to discontinue Messenger Kids
Experts say the app is 'irresponsible' and that kids aren't ready for it.
Meet the most talked-about fitness gurus on Instagram
Hit follow, be inspired, and get fit.
Vaping is safer than smoking—but long-term concerns remain, report finds
The report says e-cigs generate a net public health benefit in the short term.
The Trump administration just made its latest move to defund Planned Parenthood
This marks one year of Trump's tirade on abortion rights.
This men’s health app keeps track of your ‘boner streaks’
There is now an app for literally everything.
Can you be body positive if you hate your own body?
How to move past believing all bodies are equal—except yours.
Massachusetts mandates copay-free birth control
This protects women even if Trump were to further roll back Obamacare coverage.
Pop-up restaurant fights stigma with HIV-positive chefs
Let's end the HIV myths with a delicious, risk-free pappardelle.
Apple Watch can detect sleep apnea and hypertension, study shows
And it only used heart rate and step count to do so.