Stories of the myriad ways the web affects our health, and what to do about it. Here, we explain the latest news about whether your favorite food is going to kill you or not. Or sometimes we’re just gushing about the latest sex toy.

No, these viral ‘natural birth control’ alternatives don’t work
Eating papayas won't keep you from getting pregnant.
Crowdfunding website Indiegogo will no longer host anti-vaccination fundraisers
The move comes after money was raised for an anti-vaxxer documentary.
Here are the 11 best health documentaries on Netflix
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Twitter goes nuts over viral post showing what astigmatism looks like
It's about time that Twitter got some perspective.
Facebook is finally taking action against anti-vax content—but not all of it
This comes days after a teen testified to Congress about his anti-vaxxer mom and social media.
Kim Kardashian opens up about managing psoriasis on Instagram
Here's what a health expert had to say.
Amazon tried to market worker’s labor as weight loss success story—and the internet isn’t having it
This is rich coming from a company known for mistreating its workers.
Hawaii man who had heart attack after false missile alert sues the state
His doctor says he never had heart problems before the alert.
Report: Period-tracking apps are fueling market research, data surveillance
As many as 95 percent of period-tracking apps have inaccuracies. Here's why.
This app can tell if you’re having a serious heart attack
It may even be as effective as an EKG.
People want to get plastic surgery to look like Snapchat filters
'Filtered selfies often present an unattainable look,' doctors say.
Do apps and glasses that filter blue light actually work?
From screen dimmers to glasses, this industry might be banking on unproven science.
Gender dysphoria is no longer classified as a mental health problem. Here’s why that matters
It's a good step, but trans acceptance has a long way to go.
Chronic pain has made it hard to do the thing I love most, but not impossible
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