Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military
The president argues that trans troops would be a 'burden' and 'disruption' to the armed forces.

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Stories of the myriad ways the web affects our health, and what to do about it. Here, we explain the latest news about whether your favorite food is going to kill you or not. Or sometimes we’re just gushing about the latest sex toy.

Why is menstruation still not a national health concern?
For our most vulnerable populations, tampons are still considered a 'luxury.'
A special antibody in cows could help put an end to HIV
One cow prevented 96 percent of 117 HIV types.
Munchausen by internet: The rise of medical crowdfunding scams
Meet the people feigning illness and posting campaigns for sympathy, not money.
Chinese vlogger livestreams herself accidentally eating poisonous plant
The 26-year-old had to cut her 'feast' short.
Critics say trailer for Netflix’s new film glorifies anorexia
Are mental illnesses meant to be portrayed in a comedic light?
Fitness Instagram model killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser
The dispenser that killed her was allegedly recalled in 2015.
Mushrooms beat out weed as the safest drug in the world
Only 0.2 percent of mushroom users sought emergency treatment in the past year.
Is this the male birth control we’ve been waiting for?
Vasalgel works to block sperm and is reversible, too—at least in rabbits.
FDA approves at-home genetic test kits for disease risks
The decision reverses a previous suspension imposed in 2013.
The surprising number of steps you should walk a day
Get ready to set those pedometers.
Scientists turn spinach leaf into human heart tissue, a potentially big discovery
Spinach is tasty. And could potentially save your life.
More men are testing their sperm at home—and some docs are worried
Urologists say at-home tests can't show the full picture of a man's fertility.
Trump anxiety is taking a toll on Americans’ health
If you're a liberal with a history of depression or trauma, this presidency could be more damaging than you thought.
Study finds Komodo dragon blood could hold a key to combating human antibiotic resistance
Two million people are affected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria each year.
Son videos the first time his mom with dementia doesn’t know who he is
Prepare for your heart to fall on the floor.
This pocketable device can tell if your food contains gluten
Have a gluten-free diet? Consider this gadget.