Here’s all the weird sh*t that people thought would be OK to pass out to trick-or-treaters
Not all 'treats' are created equal, Twitter's ranting Halloweeners show.
Health official faces backlash for Halloween joke about Medicare
She said a Medicare T-shirt was 'the scariest.'
This huge YouTuber Halloween party was broken up by police
'So many cops, choppers, and s**t.'
Nurse fired for wearing blackface Beyoncé costume
The costume was bad on several levels.
Shaun White apologizes to Special Olympics for insensitive Halloween costume
The Special Olympics were right to call me out on it,' said White.
This AI-generated scary music offers a personalized Halloween soundtrack
Make your own spooktacular mix of creaks, screams, and heartbeats.
14 gut-busting adult Halloween costumes that you can get by tomorrow
These last-minute costumes are so good, people will think you thought about it all year.
People are loving Paris Hilton dressed as a ‘sexy Furby’
Paris Hilton and Furby have a lot in common.
11 scary games to download if you’re staying in this Halloween
Keep the atmosphere spooky while you wait for trick-or-treaters.
These meme costumes won Halloween
Obviously, there are Gritty costumes.
These celebs managed to avoid the offensive Halloween costume trap
Luckily no one took a page out of the Megyn Kelly costume book
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