Dad’s Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume goes viral for all the wrong reasons
Let us count the ways this is a transphobic mess.
This working Star Wars speeder bike is seriously awesome
They acted out a 'Star Wars' chase scene through the streets of New York.
Halloween 2017: The costumes that won the internet
It was a wild and hilarious year.
Google reminds us it’s OK to be ourselves with a bewitchingly cute Halloween Doodle
Google's Halloween Doodle animates the all-too-real feeling of self-acceptance and costume anxiety.
Donald Trump Jr. jabs Clinton with weird Halloween joke
Make Halloween Not Stupid Again.
Wendy Williams rallies to finish hosting duties after passing out on live TV
The veteran TV host went down hard, but somehow finished.
Trump totally snubs kid in dinosaur costume at the White House
This little dinosaur got its candy, but not a warm greeting from the POTUS.
Gwyneth Paltrow went as a ‘Se7en’ spoiler for Halloween
A decades-old question, answered.
Horror game Stifled is here to creep you out just in time for Halloween
Stifled could very well be this Halloween's creepiest game release.
Kim Kardashian West dressed like Aaliyah for Halloween—to mixed reviews
Is this cultural appropriation or just a fun Halloween costume?
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