The 10 most influential hashtags of the decade
In 2010, no one knew what hashtags were. By the end of the decade, they were changing the world.

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Curvy Wife Guy makes the most Curvy Wife Guy pregnancy announcement
He says she has a ‘five-star womb,' among other things.
Joe Rogan’s podcast has a serious women problem
His fans don't seem to care.
You were never entitled to a woman’s personal space
It's time we all learn the lessons from Biden's behavior.
Biden is still making consent jokes—and Twitter isn’t pleased
'I just want you to know I had permission to hug Lonnie.'
People aren’t feeling Biden’s ‘social norms are changing’ excuse
Is he saying that women's feelings never mattered?
Rep. Jayapal gives tearful speech about her gender non-conforming child
‘The only thought I wake up with every day is, ‘my child is free.’’
One woman’s relationship with Biden doesn’t negate another’s uncomfortable experience
Stephanie Carter does not speak for Lucy Flores or anyone else.
The internet has questions about these $470 denim undies
Here's a very expensive way to get chafed.
Stranger verbally harasses Twitch’s AyyTrae during livestream
He escalated the confrontation exponentially with his misogyny.
NASA postpones all-women spacewalk over lack of suits that fit the female astronauts
Hmm, I wonder how they could have prepared for this?
Jameela Jamil sparks conversation about women having to make the ‘boyfriend excuse’
The actress says she was once punched in the face by a man for rejecting him.
Former exec highlights how the music industry is still in dire need of a Me Too reckoning
At SXSW, Dorothy Carvello shares stories that will disturb you.
If you want to support trans rights, then decriminalize sex work
Sex workers and trans people fight the same oppressors.