Review: Jedi: Fallen Order knows why you love Star Wars
Respawn's take on the Star Wars universe is one of the best games of the year.
U.S. gamers create as much carbon dioxide as 5 million cars
That extra monitor is using a ton of energy.
Twitch bans Viperous for allegedly using racial slur during live stream
She claims it was just the word 'nerd.' But fans aren't so sure.
Fortnite pro FaZe Jarvis gets lifetime ban for cheating
Epic Games has refused to soften the punishment.
World of Warcraft Classic players are reuniting after 10 years
The easy way to find your old friends and enemies.
Sword and Shield leaks may have revealed new Pokémon, evolutions
The models and backgrounds have many fans believing the leaks are legit.
Review: You have never played anything like Death Stranding
Death Stranding, the newest game from Hideo Kojima, won't be for everyone.
Here are the best upcoming video games to look out for in November 2019
October was a big month for games. But, not to be outdone, November has its own exciting slate of upcoming video games. Here are the top five that will hit shelves throughout the month.
Untitled Goose Game vulnerability could have let hackers booby-trap your game
It seems fitting for a game centered around goose-inspired chaos and mayhem.
Major Pokémon Go character confirmed to be nonbinary
Blanche uses the pronouns 'they' and 'them.'
Teen Fortnite pro swatted during live stream
The Fortnite pro has become a target of abuse.
Gothalion is leaving Twitch for Mixer
He's taking his talents to Mixer.
Here are all the best new games coming out in 2019
The year's almost over, but there are still plenty of 2019 video games to look forward to. Here are all the best upcoming games you should keep an eye out for.
Did Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ lowkey rip-off The Legend of Zelda?
One of the album's tracks sounds strikingly familiar...
Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the tense, intimate thrill the series needed
The Modern Warfare reboot is a much-needed injection of the intimate, tense action heroics that made the original a defining experience.
More Tinder users are swipin’ right after playing platform’s apocalyptic game
The dating app now plans to bring the interactive game to international users in February 2020.
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