Gaming company Valve removed tributes to Christchurch shooter
Players were using the alleged shooter's photo and name.
Fortnite is getting an ‘undo purchase’ button
Get those precious V-bucks back.
The Apex Legends guide to Lifeline
Learn how to patch up your pals with style.
Apex Legends melee cheat turns your feet into deadly weapons
While you were getting gold guns, I was studying the way of the fist.
New leak suggests Apex Legends is getting a rocket launcher
We're gonna need another Lifeline.
Chad Johnson says his newest esports venture is everything the NFL is not
Johnson is passionate about football, gaming, and using social media.
4 free games you should download right now with Twitch Prime
Platformers and pinball lovers are in for a treat.
Feminist Frequency’s ‘Queer Tropes’ series is a powerful reminder of where games are headed
A lot has changed for queer representation in gaming over the past few years.
Meet Octane, Apex Legends’ leaked new character
Apex is getting an adrenaline junkie.
Sneaky is the latest internet favorite to say ‘trans rights’ (updated)
Here's what Donkey Kong, Chelsea Manning, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have to do with it.
Overwatch voice actor shares tearful video describing her experience with harassment
'I wish I could say that I don’t care about what people think, but I do.'
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