Nintendo Russia CEO berates staff with slurs during livestream
'I, really, won't be a part of the next event.'
Man faces 20 years in prison for deadly swatting prank
The Call of Duty incident resulted in the tragic death of a stranger.
Twitter can’t stop laughing at this Hitman 2 briefcase bug
Fans are comparing it to the Blue Shell in 'Mario Kart.'
Review: Battlefield V is a gorgeous game with nothing to say
The latest entry in this first-person shooter franchise returns to World War II to tread old ground.
Hitman 2 keeps the brilliant murdering streak alive, for better or worse
It's more like 'season 2' in all but name, but we aren't complaining.
Rooster Teeth promises 24 hours of comedy and torture for charity
The yearly Extra Life marathon will have both joy and pain.
PUBG’s new Joker skin is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter
Fans are divided over the new 'Suicide Squad'-edition skins.
This ‘League of Legends’ K-pop video will leave you shook
You have to see it to believe it.
‘Is this an April Fools joke?’ Blizzard fans are having a fit over the new Diablo mobile game
Fans wanted a full-fledged PC game, and they're letting Blizzard know it.
Fallout 76 goes viral over bug that deletes the entire game
Just another classic Bethesda bug.
Children are being targeted by manipulative ads on their apps
New study finds alarming trends—even in ‘educational’ apps.
These custom Soul Calibur VI characters are totally nuts
Ronald McDonald vs. Ivy? You can make it happen.
Review: Cosmic horror comes to life in the official Call of Cthulhu game
The latest RPG based on the universe created by H.P. Lovecraft succeeds by understanding its source material.
Here’s all 20 PlayStation Classic games available at launch
Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Persona feature, among others.
Castlevania: Requiem on PS4 is a cheap excuse to revisit 2 classics
If you've never played the older Castlevania games, this collection is for you. If you have, you know what to expect.
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