Our video game reviews balance consumer issues with thoughtful critique. Whether to buy a game is always advice that gamers want in their reviews, but a good review can also teach the reader something about how games work and what makes a game important beyond how fun it is.

Review: Jedi: Fallen Order knows why you love Star Wars
Respawn's take on the Star Wars universe is one of the best games of the year.
Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the tense, intimate thrill the series needed
The Modern Warfare reboot is a much-needed injection of the intimate, tense action heroics that made the original a defining experience.
Review: The Outer Worlds is so much more than ‘Fallout in space’
In this sprawling, surprising adventure, conversations are often better than combat.
Review: An arcade sensation comes home with ‘Killer Queen Black’
Now's your chance to check out an elusive gaming sensation without leaving the couch.
Mario Kart Tour is handheld racing fun—with a few quirks
New controls take some getting used to, but Mario Kart Tour has a lot to offer to old and new players alike.
Untitled Goose Game lets you revel in being a small-town asshole
Hot take: The humans in Untitled Goose Game totally have it coming.
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening welcomes you back like an old friend
An often-overlooked Zelda classic is given new life on the Nintendo Switch.
Review: Change is for the best in ‘Gears 5’
Thirteen years in, Gears of War still has steam.
The Sinking City realizes Lovecraftian horror in a new light
The latest game to adapt Lovecraft's fiction does so with a critical eye and some thrilling detective gameplay.
Review: Slay the Spire will suck you in for ‘one more run’
This card-based dungeon crawler is one of the latest excellent indies to hit Nintendo Switch.
Review: The apocalypse has never been more aimless than in Days Gone
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
VR game Jupiter and Mars thoughtfully explores climate change
This environmentally conscious adventure stars two adorable dolphins.
Review: Anthem is a gorgeous, empty shell
BioWare’s latest experiment doesn’t quite soar, but it shows potential for the future.
Review: Crackdown 3 is not a world worth saving
One of the Xbox One’s biggest exclusives to date feels like too little, too late.
Metro Exodus delivers apocalyptic beauty in small moments—and lots of rough edges
Echoing Half-Life 2 and Wolfenstein, Metro Exodus succeeds in spirit where it fails in mechanics.
Wargroove is one of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch
Fans of turn-based strategy games can't miss this exciting new indie from the developer behind Stardew Valley.
Pikuniku is a short-but-sweet indie platformer with attitude
This deceptively simple adventure is one of 2019's first great games.
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