Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. It also describes the political and social movement in which women strive to achieve that equality. The Internet and social media have helped bring coverage of feminist issues to the forefront—from narrowing the wage gap and fighting for reproductive rights to men’s and women’s everyday roles in sex and parenting.

Online tarot communities are becoming a form of free mental healthcare in a fraught America
An increased need for reassurance is paving the way for a tarot resurgence.
Woman running for Congress first to use campaign funds for child care
She called the FEC's decision 'groundbreaking.'
The ‘Terrible, Thanks for Asking’ podcast is as blunt and heartwarming as it sounds
Host Nora McInerny helps others find solace, humor even, in their grief.
Hillary Clinton is questioned why her Twitter bio leads with ‘wife’
A conversation with author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie may have Clinton revising her Twitter bio.
White feminism is fertile ground for white nationalism
Anti-abortion activist Kristen Walker Hatten didn't just suddenly become racist.
Feminists, we need to listen to sex workers
Stop belittling their rights.
Ivanka Trump makes an awkward stop at a quinoa factory during empowerment tour
Nothing says feminism like ogling yuppie foods!
Hillary Clinton tells women that living their intentions is ‘the best form of revenge’
Watch Clinton fire up a room of women at co-working collective the Wing.
There’s nothing feminist about attacking trans women
A recent 'Guardian' column tries to make trans rights a matter of misogyny—and this kind of manipulation needs to stop.
Feminists explain why Gina Haspel’s CIA directorship is not a feminist win
Sorry, but torture is not a cornerstone of feminism.
The world’s most pressing issues are impacting women—but you wouldn’t know that from the news
International Women's Day is a time to take a stand for media representation.
Kim Kardashian rolls out ‘feminist’ Kimoji
Is she fully embracing feminism?
Democrats, women have much to celebrate after Texas primaries
Texas may also finally have its first Hispanic congresswoman.
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