Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. It also describes the political and social movement in which women strive to achieve that equality. The Internet and social media have helped bring coverage of feminist issues to the forefront—from narrowing the wage gap and fighting for reproductive rights to men’s and women’s everyday roles in sex and parenting.

Men, you could have always worn lace shorts
Lace shorts 'for men' are the new unnecessary RompHim.
Library nerd Ela Darling is here to change your VR porn experience
The former cam girl wants to bring your fantasies as close to reality as possible.
69 percent of British teen girls are identifying as feminists
"A patriarchy that's been in place for thousands of years could be coming to an end.”
How a 19th century nude painting became a feminist meme
The nude painting of 'Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind' struck a chord with women online.
2 women are making history as the first females to enlist in Navy special operations
The women will undergo 'the ultimate test of a man's will.'
20 AGs demand DeVos maintain Obama’s college sexual assault guidelines
They're ready to take 'legal action' to protect victims.
Andy Murray corrects reporter’s casual sexism
The conference took a turn when Murray corrected a reporter's question.
Betsy DeVos is turning to the men’s rights movement for advice on campus sexual assault
It remains unclear how the education secretary will move forward with Obama's Title IX guidelines.
Cards Against Humanity now has a ‘Her’ edition—and it is gloriously infuriating
It's $5 more and pink because women 'are worth it.'
Sheila Michaels, feminist credited for popularizing ‘Ms,’ dies at 78
'I was looking for a title for a woman who did not belong to a man.'
Oregon greenlights requirement for all insurers to cover abortion
Under the new reproductive health act, even undocumented immigrants would be covered.
In Trump’s White House, the gender pay gap has tripled
This is worse than the national average was in 1980.
You can now send a vibrator to Congress to protest the healthcare bill
Here's a unique way to support Planned Parenthood.
Breaking the ‘precious gift’ myth of virginity auctions
It's time we have an honest conversation about the flawed concept of 'virginity.'