Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. It also describes the political and social movement in which women strive to achieve that equality. The Internet and social media have helped bring coverage of feminist issues to the forefront—from narrowing the wage gap and fighting for reproductive rights to men’s and women’s everyday roles in sex and parenting.

#WhyIWrite shows us why we need women writers—especially right now
There's power in women sharing their stories.
Mayim Bialik’s sexual harassment editorial has infuriated the internet
Bialik has since responded to the criticism.
Bernie Sanders is opening the Women’s Convention—and not everyone is pleased
A man is opening a Women's March event—what could go wrong?
Kellyanne Conway put on blast for arguing Trump empowers women
Some would prefer to compare him to Harvey Weinstein.
Company behind ‘Fearless Girl’ to pay $5 million for allegedly underpaying women
The feminist statue has become a symbol against those who created it.
Hugh Hefner is not the women’s liberation hero you’re making him out to be
He's an alleged enabler, predator, and abuser.
James Cameron doubles down on his sexist Wonder Woman criticism
Apparently, Wonder Woman is still too hot to be feminist.
Finally, there’s a perfect term for when a man repeats, then gets credit for, a woman’s idea
'Hepeating' and 'copywhiting' are a few of the ways we marginalize people and their work.
This ‘feminist’ porn site is allegedly hosting stolen porn
Pretty sure you can't be 'sex-positive' while pirating videos from sex workers.
Nancy Pelosi shut down all the dudes at Trump’s DACA dinner
Do not dare silence the House minority leader.
Feminist dad goes viral for his perfectly obvious ‘dating rules’ for his daughters
Treating humans like humans is a pretty low bar.
Forget ‘MILF’ and ‘cougar’—welcome to the era of the ‘WHIP’
Is 'WHIP' any less reductive than 'MILF,' though?
Joss Whedon’s alleged sex scandals may finally destroy his feminist image
Whedon's ex-wife states that he had secret affairs with 'actresses, co-workers, fans and friends,' throughout their marriage.
Men, you could have always worn lace shorts
Lace shorts 'for men' are the new unnecessary RompHim.
Library nerd Ela Darling is here to change your VR porn experience
The former cam girl wants to bring your fantasies as close to reality as possible.