‘Fantastic Beasts’ and the problem with wizarding costume design
The real crime of Grindelwald is Johnny Depp’s terrible costume.
Twitter can’t stop laughing at this Hitman 2 briefcase bug
Fans are comparing it to the Blue Shell in 'Mario Kart.'
Stan Lee dead at 95
The legendary comics writer changed pop culture.
Twitter loves this Ryan Reynolds-voiced trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu’
Even Reynolds is shocked at how much the internet loves this.
Celebrate ‘Cowboy Bebop’s 20th anniversary with this sweet anthology
This crowdfunded book contains 130 pages of 'Cowboy Bebop' comics.
Netflix announces ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ anime spinoffs
5 new anime shows are coming—and they all sound great.
PUBG’s new Joker skin is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter
Fans are divided over the new 'Suicide Squad'-edition skins.
Marvel fans paid $5,000 for a billboard asking Disney to rehire James Gunn
'Guardians of the Galaxy' fans are still hoping Disney will change its tune.
‘Attack on Titan’ is getting a live-action Hollywood movie
An American blockbuster version? It had to happen eventually.
Why doesn’t Salem talk in the new ‘Sabrina’ series?
The wisecracking cat of the '90s sitcom is now mysteriously silent.
Alt-right gamers are lying to you on YouTube
Trolls like Ian Miles Cheong regularly rely on manipulative claims to win over unsuspecting viewers. It's for a reason.
Live-action ‘My Hero Academia’ adaptation lands at Legendary
The popular manga is coming to the big screen.
All the ghosts hiding in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’
The ghosts are always watching. Did you notice?
Is this the first Avengers 4 trailer leak?
The person who told us Spider-Man was in 'Avengers: Civil War' is back with a hefty bit of info.
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