Carrie Fisher’s dog inspired an alien in ‘The Last Jedi’
'Space Gary' was spotted by a fan on Twitter.
The forced nostalgia of ‘Stranger Things’ season 2
How can a show so obsessed with the '80s make this mistake?
8 lingering theories and questions from ‘Stranger Things’ season 2
Netflix is turning 'Stranger Things' theories into a cottage industry.
‘Carmilla the Movie’ is the niche lesbian vampire flick that Tumblr teens deserve in 2017
The stars of ‘Carmilla the Movie’ aren’t afraid to represent nuanced queer characters.
Supernatural’s mental health support network is saving lives
How a TV show's fandom is helping each other to 'always keep fighting.'
Upstream podcast: Show us some White Walkers already
Our in-house expert breaks down episode 5, as the gang heads north to catch a wight.
Porn site xHamster steps in to save ‘Sense8’
xHamster wants to give the canceled Netflix series a home.
‘Supergirl’ actor angers fans at San Diego Comic-Con
Actor Jeremy Jordan made some unfortunate comments about Lena Luthor/Supergirl at SDCC.
Why the costumes in ‘Wonder Woman’ are just right
Designer and author Amanda Weaver has the historical references to prove it.
‘Part-Time Genius’ takes encyclopedic adventures into weird, wild stuff
Dissecting fringe topics you've never considered, this podcast gets down and nerdy.
‘Yuri on Ice’ season 2 can’t come soon enough
There's a Yuri on Ice movie in the works, but when will season 2 arrive?
Pinboard just bought Delicious, which brings a wild story full circle
The backstory of social bookmarking site Pinboard is pretty amazing, and its turning point was a mass migration of fanfic readers.
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