‘Game of Thrones’ creators drop out of Comic-Con at last minute
They were scheduled for a panel at SDCC headline stage in Hall H.
Why Veronica Mars doesn’t drop any F-bombs in Hulu’s adult-rated revival
'Veronica Mars' season 4 seems pretty adult-rated, so why isn't Veronica allowed to curse?
Is Lashana Lynch really playing 007 in the new Bond movie?
Here's what we know about the hottest casting rumor of the week.
After a rocky year, Rooster Teeth’s RTX a triumph of fandom
60,000-plus fans swarmed downtown Austin, Texas, and geeked out.
All the Spider-Man movies, ranked
Which Spidey is your fave?
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’s 2 post-credits scenes, explained
They completely upend Peter Parker's life and the MCU as a whole.
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is a hilarious teen comedy with a great villain
Peter Parker returns for a charming film that features a clever reimagining of Marvel's Mysterio.
Netflix is making a big-budget ‘Sandman’ TV adaptation
After decades of false starts, the cult comic book series is getting a screen adaptation.
Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown to star as Sherlock and Enola Holmes
Henry Cavill is certainly... a bold choice to play Sherlock?
A Final Fantasy live-action TV series is being developed
Sony and Hivemind will team up to bring Eorzea to life.
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