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10 favorites from the “Teen Wolf” fanart contest on deviantART
"This might hurt"? Nah, this won't hurt a bit.
Little girls school the comics industry with amazing cosplay
Alexandra Law is turning photos of young cosplayers into actual comic book superheroes. 
Meet “Little Witch Academia,” the Internet’s next favorite anime
Will this 26-minute short become a full-fledged anime series? Fans sure hope so!
Did Disney steal a fan’s “Alice” artwork?
The House of Mouse apparently took a fan artist's well-known artwork and put it on a canvas Alice bag.
Behind “Captive Prince,” S.U. Pacat’s bestselling work of slave erotica
The author discusses publishing online, her fanbase, the difference between writing fanfic and original work.
Juxtaposed headlines inspire Prince William/Robert Downey Jr. fanart
2 unfortunately juxtaposed headlines + 2 equally meme-worthy popular public figures = 1 insta-meme of great win. 
“Lizzie Bennet Diaries” exalts the 200th anniversary of “Pride and Prejudice”
The cast and crew from the hit YouTube series reflect on the significance of Jane Austen's truely timeless novel. 
The origin story of the Knitter, Tumblr’s viral new supervillain
Meet the Knitter, a Tumblr-created supervillain that developed a cult following and meme-like fandom within days.
The pros and cons of fandom on Tumblr
Tumblr is making fandom more visible and accessible than ever, but at what cost? 
Online tea shop brews up something special for Sherlock fans
Adagio Teas caters to oniine fandoms, even featuring fanart on its packaging. Holmes-inspired blends for Sherlock Week are its latest big hit.
Behind The Pokeymans Project: Gingerhaze’s attempt to recreate Pokémon from scratch
Aspiring artist Gingerhaze invites Tumblr followers to leave descriptions of Pokémon characters for her to recreate as best she can—often to hilarious effect. 
Sexually functional “My Little Pony” toy inspires fan following
A My Little Pony toy with a well-placed hole has captured the fan-art community's imagination, but not in the way you think.
Bros before Frodos
This Tumblr artist has amassed a huge following with her Tumblr, Gingerhaze.
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