A drone is a remote-controlled aerial vehicle used in both commercial and military contexts. Consumer drones are often small and less expensive than their military counterparts, which are used primarily by the Air Force for surveillance and air-striking purposes.

Trump’s CIA director pick: ‘Christian West’ is at war with ‘Islamic East’
Pompeo told churchgoers that Christianity was 'only solution.'
Eagles are hunting $20,000 UAVs in Australia
Wedge-tailed eagles are waging war on a gold-mining surveyor's $20,000 drones.
Sweden bans drone photography
Thousands of jobs are at risk.
Some genius figured out how to change a light bulb with a drone
But how many light bulbs did he break in the process?
Live your dream, and pilot the Millennium Falcon for $50 today
Why buy a normal drone when you could pilot the Millennium Falcon?
DJI’s all-new Mavic drone packs big features into a small package
For this price, it better be good.
Parrot’s all-new minidrone looks like something straight out of ‘Star Wars’
Ever wanted a drone that looks like an X-Wing? Parrot has you covered.
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