A drone is a remote-controlled aerial vehicle used in both commercial and military contexts. Consumer drones are often small and less expensive than their military counterparts, which are used primarily by the Air Force for surveillance and air-striking purposes.

A Secret Service drone will fly above Trump while he plays at his private golf club
The UAV will be tested at Trump's private golf course in August.
Watch this angry knight hurl a spear at a drone with pinpoint accuracy
The crime reportedly took place in the Lipetsk region of Russia.
Arizona man charged with 14 felonies for allegedly flying drone near wildfire
Police tracked him down after he allegedly posted photos to his website.
Amazon just filed a patent for a multi-level drone beehive
The towers would be used to deliver orders in densely populated areas.
Watch this guy’s first attempt behind the wheel of a human-sized quadcopter
The unnamed Swede said he would try it again... naked.
Soccer official delivers game ball on a rideable drone
Anyone can deliver a game ball—but this guy did it with style.
This hand-gesture-controlled drone will make you feel like a Jedi
The Spark will start shipping in mid-June for $500.
Drones are delivering porn and drugs to prison inmates around the world
Toys are being used to infiltrate some of America's most protected facilities.
Watch an Amazon Prime Air drone deliver its first package in the U.S.
The drone reportedly carried and delivered a package containing sunscreen.
This parkour drone film looks just like a classic video game
Temple Run fans need to check this out.
A close ally of the U.S. launched a $3 million missile at a $200 drone
They're looking into something a bit more cost effective.