Couple’s night of drunken nudity airs live on Twitch via their Playstation 4
It only took a week for someone to turn Sony's augmented reality game Playroom into a webcam sex show.
Could the totally nonsexual science of ‘braingasms’ go mainstream?
With one-on-one therapy sessions, ASMR is moving from the fringes of YouTube to mainstream money-maker.
‘League of Legends’ gamer posts revenge porn because his girlfriend picked the wrong character
“We literally said to each other, ‘If I really hated you, the worst thing you could do is play Lee Sin.’ And that’s what she did!” 
‘League of Legends’ championships bring world’s top teams to L.A.
The grand finals will take place in a sold-out Staples Center in Los Angeles on Oct. 4.
Iranian ‘League of Legends’ tournament bans female characters
Iranian leaders were concerned that the characters were too provocatively dressed.
Hackers breach ‘League of Legends,’ access 120,000 credit card numbers
The world's "most played video game" gets gamed.
The biggest day in eSports history, by the numbers
Sunday saw 4.5 million viewers tune in to pro gaming on, most watching Dota 2's world championship.
Pro gamers are officially athletes, according to the U.S. government
International pros can now get visas to come to the U.S. for gaming competitions.
Mystery donor posts $500,000 bail for Facebook joker
Justin Carter is out of jail.
Gaming site fires employee who used players’ computers to mine Bitcoin
An employee of competitive gaming league E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) has been fired for turning the company’s software into his own personal Bitcoin-mining network.
E-Sports league facing lawsuit for secret Bitcoin mining operation
Competitive gaming league ESEA secretly used players' processing power to mine virtual currency.
Texas teen faces 8 years’ jail time for League of Legends joke
Carter allegedly followed the joke with an "lol and a "jk."
This 18-year-old is skipping college to become a League of Legends pro
His name is Darshan, but even his teachers call him ZionSpartan.
6.5 million people die every day in League of Legends
Here are a half-dozen astonishing factoids that show just how tenaciously popular this 5-year-old game really is.
How to wage a successful religious flamewar on Facebook
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask Reddit's atheist hub. Also: Destroy your assumptions about female League of Legends players.
Jared Polis, redditor congressman, does an AMA
Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colo.),  a veteran Reddit user, really knows how to give a good Ask Me Anything session.
Pro League of Legends player banned due to bad behavior
Christian Rivera, known online as "IWIllDominate," has been banned from competing in League of Legends tournaments after multiple instances of harassing other players.
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