Ninja used a racial slur while playing Fortnite on Twitch
He said it was all a misunderstanding.
Overwatch rolls out ‘Avoid as Teammate’ option to weed out toxic players
You've now got a little more control over who you play with.
Logan Paul is already a superstar on Twitch—and gamers are livid
'Dear, Logan Paul. Keep your toxic a** on YouTube. Sincerely, Everyone on Twitch.'
Overwatch League restricts use of the Pepe the frog meme
Pepe is about to become quite rare for Overwatch League.
This medieval flute player is the unlikely hero Twitch needs
Put on your best woolen tunic and listen.
This frustrated Overwatch player just made therapy cool for angry gamers
His wife gave him a mood worksheet, and everyone else wanted one, too.
Overwatch League signs its first female player
If you follow Overwatch League, you won't be surprised it's Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon.
Lino is YouTube for the crypto crowd—and it just raised $20 million
'We’re trying to create a decentralized autonomous video content community.'
The Ugandan Knuckles meme is spreading to competitive gaming
Overwatch League will have to figure out how to handle this racist meme.
Women esports players face an uphill battle in Overwatch League
Gender shouldn't matter in esports. So why is Overwatch League made up entirely of men?
What you need to know about Overwatch League
Blizzard is pushing hard to make Overwatch League a premier esport.
Are single-player games really doomed?
Reports of the death of single-player games have been greatly exaggerated.
The 11 most important fandoms of 2017
Here's what dominated geek culture in 2017.
18 hilarious Overwatch memes you don’t want to miss
Fans have been cranking out Overwatch memes since before the game even came out.
Popular Twitch gamer admits to infidelity on livestream
He said he plans to take some time off to focus on his family.
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