Popular Twitch gamer admits to infidelity on livestream
He said he plans to take some time off to focus on his family.
Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event returns next week—here’s what to expect
The Winter Wonderland event brings new skins, snowy versions of several maps, and a zany new Mei-centric mode.
Facebook’s AI gets owned in Starcraft competition for bots
The social giant's bot finished in sixth place.
Gamer flees Mexico City earthquake while live on Twitch
He's urging followers to help out in any way they can.
Twitch ushers in the age of the fitness livestream
People are watching people work out, and it's turning into big business.
Nearly 3 million watched Mayweather-McGregor illegally
It might have broken the all-time record.
9 facts about the Kappa meme, the internet’s trolliest face
How did one face become the face of Twitch?
Overwatch reimagined as a turn-based RPG is hella nostalgic
This Youtuber's adaptation of Overwatch is totally worth watching
Overwatch celebrates year one with 3 new arena maps
Could we be in for a whole new mode?
7 fascinating facts you didn’t know about Overwatch
Everything you've always wanted to know about Blizzard's hit shooter.
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