This dog seems to love Bernie, hate Buttigieg
'I've never really seen her respond to the television like that before,' Tuna's owner says.
Kendall Jenner’s ‘cruel’ dog collar sparks online debate
Jenner's dog, Pyro, was spotted in a prong collar.
Twitch streamer faces backlash for ‘letting’ partner hit, drag dog during stream
'I believe you should have intervened more physically.'
‘Togo’ isn’t just a good family film; it’s the first great original movie on Disney+
You may already know parts of Togo's story, thanks to a dog named Balto.
This BarkBox toy looks too much like a pocket pussy
The creators say they just thought pig butts were funny.
This dog can talk with a custom soundboard
A speech pathologist created a device to communicate with her dog.
Trump finally gets some faves by sharing dog involved in al-Baghdadi raid
The name of the dog remains classified, Trump said.
#DogsAgainstBrexit highlights the negative impact of Brexit on pets
Some heroes wear capes, others have fur.
Here’s why people are sharing photos of their black dogs
Black dogs—and cats—are less likely to get adopted.
VSCO dogs are here, and they’re just barely putting up with it
We've reached the scrunchies-on-dogs part of the VSCO girl trend.
YouTube star Brooke Houts will not be charged with animal abuse
Houts accidentally uploaded footage of herself slapping and yelling at her dog.
Man claims ex-girlfriend killed his dog after he broke up with her
'She put antifreeze in the dog's bowl & he won't tell anyone her name.'
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