Dog casually drives truck through the background of powerful CNN interview
This is not a laughing matter. So try not to laugh.
Canadian figure skater rescues pup from South Korean dog meat farm
It's legal to eat dog meat in South Korea, the home of this year's Olympics.
Everyone loves this dog that looks like Laura Dern
Even the actress enjoyed the comparison.
Here are the racists on Twitter who hide behind their pets
No pet deserves this treatment.
Steve-O adopted a Peruvian street dog—and the internet is in love
Meet Wendy, Steve-O's new best friend.
Christmas-loving dogs refuse to let man throw out tree
These dogs really loved their Christmas tree.
Adorable dog tries to cheer up showering owner with bathtub toy
Clark, a Mini Goldendoodle, just wants his owner to have a good time.
Dogs waiting on bagels is your new favorite Instagram account
Everyone loves these dogs who love bagels.
The petting dogs meme shows good pups getting pets in the weirdest ways
Petting this dog is a meme pastime now.
This very good dog loves the giant ball she got for Christmas
Sadie loves her giant tennis ball.
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