Everyone's favorite cult sci-fi show about a British alien traveling through time in a blue box. Follow along for casting news, the latest ingenious TARDIS costumes, and reviews of important episodes.

‘Doctor Who’ season 11 will be unlike any other
Here's everything we know so far
Young ‘Doctor Who’ fan gets reassuring letter from the Doctor himself
'He is always there, somewhere in time and space.'
Amazon’s holiday decor is up to 80% off today
Check out these delightfully geeky deals.
‘Doctor Who’ adds 3 new companions for season 11
You may recognize one of these actors from 'The Force Awakens.'
Jodie Whittaker sees her first ‘Doctor Who’ cosplays—and she’s over the moon
We can't wait for her to get ahold of that sonic screwdriver.
Prove you have the wits of a Time Lord with Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit
Covers all Doctors from William Hartnell to Matt Smith.
Steven Moffat gaslights ‘Doctor Who’ fandom by saying there’s no casting controversy
According to Steven Moffat, there's 'no backlash' against the first female Doctor
Here are 7 things you missed at Comic Con 2017
'Pacific Rim 2,' the 'Stargate' prequel, Star Wars' new 'Thrawn' comic, and more news you may have missed from SDCC 2017.
‘Doctor Who’ failed to give Bill Potts the conclusion she deserved
'The Doctor Falls' was a great finale to an above-average season - with one key problem.
It’s time to start watching ‘Doctor Who’ again
Season 10 corrects the most common criticisms aimed at Moffat-era 'Doctor Who.
Missy from ‘Doctor Who’ narrated a ‘Doctor Who’/’Mr. Men’ crossover video
If you ever wanted a 'Doctor Who' audiobook read by Missy, you're in luck.
If you recently stopped watching ‘Doctor Who,’ it’s time to tune back in
Introducing the new companion Bill Potts, season 10 brings the best 'Doctor Who' season premiere we've seen in years.
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