Discrimination is the practice of unfairly treating a person or a group of people differently from other people or groups of people. Social media has helped bring attention to the everyday discrimination found in schools and the workplace, in regards to a person’s race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, age, disability, criminal history, genetic information, etc.

Black hospital patient arrested after being accused of trying to steal IV
Shaquille Dukes says he suffered from a seizure and asthma attack while in the cop car.
Woman records police holding Black man at gunpoint in order to ‘save his life’
Here's what the woman who recorded, and possibly saved the man's life, had to say.
A charity severed ties with trans model following a columnist’s transphobic tweet about the partnership
Munroe Bergdorf was working with the charity to support LGBT+ children.
Rainn Wilson posts photo of noose found in Black friend’s front yard
'Many folks are in denial about the extent to which racism exists in our country.'
Fair housing organizations sue Facebook for enabling discrimination
Facebook's been accused of housing discrimination because of its selective ad targeting.
‘Google memo’ author files discrimination lawsuit
James Damore claims the company blacklists conservative white men.
Dude sues comedian Iliza Shlesinger over ladies-only show
His lawyer is an MRA with a history of representing similar lawsuits.
Latest lawsuit against Tesla calls the automaker a ‘hotbed for racist behavior’
The complaint says Musk sent an email telling employees to be 'thick-skinned.'
This woman lost her job because of her period
As if an accidental leak wasn't embarrassing enough, one employer thought it was grounds for termination.
Over 60 women are considering suing Google for workplace sexism
Salary discrimination is just the beginning.