Woman uses Nike+ app to get in shape and draw penises all over San Francisco
Forget the drawings. Look at how many calories this girl has burned.
Man launches Kickstarter to draw the ‘world’s biggest d**k’
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A friendless loner gave Reddit a wall to draw on, and this happened
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Facebook’s new pastime: Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun
A Facebook group where users edit penises into photos from Melbourne, Australia's local paper, the Herald Sun, now has more than 100,000 fans.
Dick Cheney’s old heart is dead! Long live Dick Cheney’s new heart!
Two parody accounts chronicled the former vice president's heart transplant, but only one survived the operation. 
Tiff over Minecraft comes full circle
The creator of Minecraft and Yogscast, the comedy team that dedicates itself to the game, seem to be making up after a public tiff.