Donald Trump and running mate unveil their phallic new logo
This may not have been thought all the way through.
‘D**ks out for Harambe’ is a movement Danny Trejo supports
This is just the tip of Harambe advocacy.
The refined, sophisticated art of dipping your d**k in wine
Putting the 'weenie' in 'oenophile.'
Man loses part of his penis to angry toilet snake
All your worst fears are real.
This website is taking actual bets on Donald Trump’s d**k size
The odds are good, and the goods are odd.
‘Girthers’ to Donald Trump: ‘Produce the schlong form girth certificate!’
America demands to see what Donald Trump is working with.
Virgin Airlines invites Kanye West to eat a d**k
We give this tweet a 30 out of 10.