Waffles that look like d**ks are all the rage in Bangkok
You can't make this stuff up.
Brussels is under siege by a mysterious pornographic graffiti artist
Europe has long been known for its frescoes.
Florida braces for tropical storm with epic Facebook thread of d**k jokes
Is that a tropical storm or are you just happy to see me?
Woman searches Craigslist for man whose ‘d**k pic cured my breast cancer’
Some people come into our lives for a day, but they leave footprints in our heart forever.
Pole vaulter has Olympic bid sabotaged by his own penis
When your own pole screws you over.
Donald Trump and running mate unveil their phallic new logo
This may not have been thought all the way through.
‘D**ks out for Harambe’ is a movement Danny Trejo supports
This is just the tip of Harambe advocacy.
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