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Steven Spielberg is adapting the classic DC comic ‘Blackhawk’
He's a longtime fan of the 1940s fighter pilot comic 'Blackhawk.'
Warner Bros. hires Cathy Yan to direct a Harley Quinn spinoff
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Ava DuVernay signs on for DC superhero movie ‘New Gods’
Ava DuVernay will join Patty Jenkins in the DC universe.
In Joker origin movie, Batman’s arch-nemesis will be a failed 1980s comedian
The plot sounds an awful lot like DC Comics' 'The Killing Joke.'
The 30 greatest episodes of ‘Batman: the Animated Series’
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DC Comics is launching a ‘Sandman’ extended universe
It includes four spinoffs from the classic 'Sandman' series, overseen by Neil Gaiman.
Joss Whedon is stepping down from the ‘Batgirl’ movie
He exits less than a year after his involvement was first announced.
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Facebook shuts down group that was planning on tanking ‘Black Panther’ ratings
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Former Marvel star Brian Michael Bendis to write Superman for DC
On top of writing two Superman comics, he'll also curate his own DC imprint.