Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad... We cover it all, from classic comic book characters to modern TV adaptations.

The top 20 DC Comics superheroes of all time
DC Comics boasts an incredible pantheon of superhero characters. Here are our faves.
PUBG’s new Joker skin is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter
Fans are divided over the new 'Suicide Squad'-edition skins.
James Gunn will write the script for a new ‘Suicide Squad’ movie
The move comes three months after Disney fired him.
DC Comics wishes it hadn’t shown you Batman’s penis
'Batman: Damned' is famous for one thing, and one thing only. So why bother to censor it?
Hey Warner Bros., maybe don’t cast a new Batman for a while
Jon Hamm is the latest actor who is open to playing the Dark Knight.
‘Border Town’ is your latest must-read comic
Set on the U.S./Mexico border, this series appeals to fans of 'American Gods' and 'Stranger Things.'
Henry Cavill reportedly out as Superman
He's played the iconic superhero in 3 movies to date.
Why fans are skeptical of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie
Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker origin story spinoff takes place in 1980s Gotham.
Alec Baldwin backs out of new Joker movie [updated]
This movie keeps getting weirder.
Ruby Rose quits Twitter after ‘Batwoman’ casting backlash
Some fans seem to think she's not 'gay enough' for the role.
Ruby Rose is your new Batwoman
She'll be joining the Arrowverse later this year.
‘The Batman’ director won’t confirm whether Ben Affleck will star
The director still won't confirm whether Ben Affleck will star, though.
‘Titans’ Starfire actress disables Instagram due to racist comments
It's not the first time she's received hate online.
DC Comics announces YA superhero graphic novels from star writers
We're getting new graphic novels about Oracle and Cassandra Cain!
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