Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad... We cover it all, from classic comic book characters to modern TV adaptations.

Here are the best fictional heroes of 2017
These fictional heroes stole our hearts and made us want to fight alongside them.
The best superhero movies of 2017, ranked
It's been a great year. Aside from Superman's mustache.
Warner Bros.’ DC movie schedule has lots of projects—but no clear plan
The new DC movie schedule includes 'Batgirl' and 'Green Lantern,' but no Harley Quinn or Cyborg.
Here’s our first look at DC Comics’ new live-action Robin
After 20 years, Dick Grayson is back in a live-action role.
The best DC animated movies of all time
All your favorite superheroes are here.
Harley Quinn is getting her own animated series
And no, the Joker isn't involved.
DC Comics editor fired after BuzzFeed report exposes multiple sexual assault complaints
Years after employees first complained to HR, Berganza has been fired.
CW stars speak out after Arrowverse producer suspended for sexual harassment
'This is heartbreaking, and at times makes me feel helpless.'
3 woman say they were sexually assaulted by a veteran DC Comics editor
Berganza was promoted after allegations were reported to HR.
Marvel just lost one of its top writers to DC Comics
This is huge news for both DC and Marvel.
Henry Cavill admits that the DC movie franchise has made ‘mistakes’
He says that Warner Bros. has learned from the 'mistakes' of recent DC movies.
Sorry ‘Gotham’ fans—this Harley Quinn theory is probably wrong
Will Barbara become Harley Quinn in ‘Gotham’ season 4?
The top 20 female superheroes of all time
We're finally seeing some of these amazing women on the big screen.
‘Wonder Woman’ gets the chuckle-worthy Honest Trailer we all knew was coming
It's hard to hate on the best film in the DC Extended Universe.
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