Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad... We cover it all, from classic comic book characters to modern TV adaptations.

Paul Dano will play the Riddler in ‘The Batman’
He'll star alongside Robert Pattinson's Batman and Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman.
‘Batwoman’ victim to mass trolling campaign of 1-star reviews 
While the show is reportedly not great, the number of reviews left is eyebrow-raising.
Todd Phillips reveals how he steeped ‘Joker’ in realism
'I thought, isn’t that a good thing, to put real-world implications on violence?'
‘Joker’ isn’t as smart as it thinks it is
Joaquin Phoenix gives a stunning performance at the heart of a rather derivative movie.
Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips discuss whether ‘Joker’ is a ‘dangerous’ film
Will 'Joker' provoke real-life violence? Its director and star weigh in.
‘Smallville’ star Tom Welling will play Superman once again
He's joining fellow Supermen Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin on the upcoming Arrowverse crossover.
Harley Quinn ‘Birds of Prey’ trailer leaks online
Fans of Harley Quinn can finally see the 'Birds of Prey' trailer.
Jason Momoa says the ‘Justice League’ Snyder cut is ‘ssssiiicccckkkkkk’
It's unlikely to become public viewing anytime soon.
Where to stream DC movies and series
HBO, Amazon, Netflix: The extended universe is all over the place.
How to follow along with San Diego Comic Con online
Can't make it to this year's San Diego Comic Con? Here's what you can do.
Netflix is making a big-budget ‘Sandman’ TV adaptation
After decades of false starts, the cult comic book series is getting a screen adaptation.
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