What exactly is ‘too adult’ for Disney+?
Disney+ just rejected a teen sitcom with a gay lead but includes a ton of violent blockbusters. What gives?

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Tinder has not yet succumbed to Russia’s demands for its user data
The dating app did not state whether it planned to hand over data in the future.
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Facebook unveils ‘Secret Crush’ dating feature
Choose up to nine friends that you have a thing for.
Woman stabbed by date she met on PlentyOfFish
She is recovering in the hospital while the suspect is still at large.
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The ad finishes with what they could do together.
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Lane's 'Tinder Live' turns half-a-decade old this week.
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Matchmaking in the new old-fashioned way.
Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ couples meet online, study says
Online dating is on the rise for straight people too.
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What you may see as romantic, others might find smothering.