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Man completely loses his temper over a joke that his dog could be gay
'Stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal.'
Man who ate Kit Kat completely wrong just proposed—with a Kit Kat
It seems his girlfriend was willing to look past the breach of candy bar conduct.
This airplane love story Twitter thread is the cutest thing you’ll read today
This is way better than the usual in-flight entertainment.
A beginner’s guide to the League, your favorite elitist dating app
So you want to meet a guy named Chad for something called 'yacht week,' do ya?
Bearded dragons make very good dates, according to Twitter
Forget about a man, get you a bearded dragon.
A guide to breaking up with someone without being a jerk
Breaking up is hard to do—but not impossible.
How to avoid getting duped by a Tinder bot
Spot the bot and get back to flirting with real people.
Believing in ‘soulmates’ may make you more likely to ghost someone, study finds
Even if it wasn't 'destined,' it doesn't mean you can treat someone poorly, though.
New Twitter meme challenges you to build the perfect man
Building the perfect man is an expensive business.
This ‘premier’ transgender dating app is loathed by actual trans people [updated]
For starters, it refers to trans women by a derogatory term.
How safe is Tinder, really?
It's an app for meeting strangers and you log in via Facebook, so...
Seduction artist Justin Wayne deletes old videos amid questions of consent
A popular pickup artist's videos raised questions about consent and exploitation.
Being honest about your age on Tinder doesn’t have to be that hard
How to keep your age up to date and your dating game on point.