What exactly is ‘too adult’ for Disney+?
Disney+ just rejected a teen sitcom with a gay lead but includes a ton of violent blockbusters. What gives?

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Here's everything you need to know about how Hinge measures up.
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If you want things that are valuable, you have to be willing to be patient.
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The reality behind '90 Day Fiancé.'
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Breakups aren't about your ex—they're about reclaiming yourself.
Study links emoji use to more sex
Emoji may help you find that special someone.
Swipe This! I came out as poly and queer on Facebook—and my mom is freaking out
You deserve to be loved, as a verb, by yourself and by others.
Swipe This! My boyfriend says my Instagram pics are too ‘revealing’
Your Instagram is a space for you—and you get to decide what goes on there.
‘Misogynistic douchebag’ goes on rant in a Bagel Boss, gets tackled 
He's upset no women will date him because of his short stature.
If you think dating is hard, try doing it at 60
Boasting and ghosting in the golden years.
Swipe This! I want my boyfriend to text me everyday. Is that crazy?
There is nothing crazy about noticing the parts of you that need love and affection.
Trans/Sex: Strap-ons for trans women, inclusive porn games, and online dating
Buy a gender-affirming strap-on or play a trans-inclusive adult game.
Trump gets banned from SeekingArrangement because he’s not a ‘real sugar daddy’
The sugar baby website also offered a lifetime premium membership to Melania Trump.
Swipe This! Why did my ex delete photos of me from her Instagram?
Here is what your ex doesn’t owe you: a shrine to your goodness.