The Daily Dot's dating coverage deals mostly with the proliferation of online dating and all the politics surrounding it. Here you'll find reviews of new apps and stories from the most popular ones like Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble, and Grindr.

The best dating sites for single parents (and the ones you should stay away from)
Say hello to the best dating sites for single parents.
Colorado’s first openly LGBTQ Black state rep has the best dating profile
The ad finishes with what they could do together.
Comedian Lane Moore celebrates 5 years of making Tinder-swiping hilarious
Lane's 'Tinder Live' turns half-a-decade old this week.
‘Subtle Asian Dating’ is the un-Tinder we all need right now
Matchmaking in the new old-fashioned way.
Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ couples meet online, study says
Online dating is on the rise for straight people too.
Swipe This! Am I too much of a nice guy for dating apps?
What you may see as romantic, others might find smothering.
This man is pissed his Ruby Tuesday outing didn’t go as expected
Richard Southers was not happy about his $65 Ruby Tuesday bill.
New dating app for #MAGA singles is getting roasted
Righter is advertising with sexist memes—and Twitter is ripping them apart.
Swipe This! Why does the guy I’m dating have such a hot-and-cold texting style?
What to do when you like someone but control feels out of your hands.
5 of the best free sites to have a fling online in 2019
Tinder is trouble–try one of these top fling sites instead.
Trans/Sex: Hookup apps are exhausting, especially if you’re a queer trans woman
Dick pics are only the beginning of my problems.
Pro-Trump dating site DonaldDaters exposes users’ data
The site's launch date was leaky.
5 online hookup sites that actually work
Sick of swiping? These are the best online hookup sites for casual dating.
The 9 best dating sites and apps for gay men
Here's how you can find Mr. Right—or at least Mr. Right Now.
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