The 10 most important sci-fi films of the 2010s
From blockbusters like 'Black Panther' to indie films like 'Ex Machina,' here are our top picks of the decade.

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Dank memes are the characters, concepts, remixes, mashups, and themes that evolve on the Web, with life cycles ranging from gradual establishment and recognition to instant, explosive virality. Whether it's a rare Pepe popping up on Tumblr or “Netflix & Chill” entering the lexicon, dank memes inhabit all corners of the social Internet.

18 hilarious Overwatch memes you don’t want to miss
Fans have been cranking out Overwatch memes since before the game even came out.
Inside Meme Insider, the first magazine for dank memes
What started as a one-off joke on Reddit has turned into a compelling monthly zine about the state of memes.
17-year-old memelord creates the Instagram of dank memes
Memeois is available for free in the Apple App Store.
CNN blackmail accusation spurs all out meme war
Dank memers have declared war on CNN, and the memes are coming in hot.
The battle over 🅱️: How one emoji is killing meme culture
The gratuitous use of “B” memes is the most divisive issue in meme culture, with some calling for it to be banned.
’14 Reasons Why’ meme jokes about what pushes people over the edge
'13 Reasons Why' memes take a disturbing turn with the 14th reason.
‘Mocking Spongebob’ is the most insulting meme of 2017
This new Spongebob meme makes fun of everything in a third-grade fashion.
Here’s why ‘do not swear on my profile’ pictures are all over Facebook
Do teens really want you not to swear on their profile? Yes, the 'do not swear on my profile' meme would have you believe.
The ‘I Have a Better Idea’ meme is the best way to steal credit
Phil: Let's call it a philboard. Bill: I have a better idea.
Why black virality matters
Black creativity shaped internet culture in 2016.
That’s-a spicy meme-ball: Why pictures of Italy in World War 2 are taking over
Italy didn't do much in World War 2, and now we know why?
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