A cyberattack is considered an act of cyberwar in certain contexts, such as when a computer is used to disrupt the activities of an enemy country. Cyberwar attacks can interfere with a country's financial or communications systems, among other possibilities.

Russian hackers may have caused blackouts in the U.S.
A group called 'Dragonfly' used employee credentials to bring down the power grid.
DOJ forms cyber task force to investigate election meddling
The task force will issue a report by June.
Court rules U.K.’s mass surveillance powers unlawful
'They are breaching the public’s human rights.'
Report: Russia temporarily stopped cyberattacks fearing Trump would be replaced on GOP ticket
'The Kremlin assumed the Republican nominee was showing himself psychologically unfit to be president.'
U.S. intelligence sources point to Russian hacking far beyond DNC
'The law firms will be hacked, the insurance companies will be hacked, because that’s where all the information is.'
Donald Trump casts doubts on Russia hacking DNC, points to 400-pound bed-dweller
'The computer aspect of cyber is very tough. It’s hardly doable.'
Hackers leak more confidential medical data for American Olympic athletes
It includes basketball player Brittney Griner and tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands.
Rep. Michael McCaul says Russians hacked the Republicans too but backtracks soon after
'The Russians have hacked into both parties at the national level.'
New push for encryption backdoors faces first big test on Capitol Hill
The Crypto Wars are back in Washington, D.C.
Putin downplays DNC hack as Clinton calls for military action over cyberattacks
Pay no attention to the hacker behind the curtain.
52 percent of cybersecurity experts would help the FBI hack iPhone
Hackers would help FBI unlock iPhone for a fee.
How ISIS noobs are trying to become hackers
An online course on Kali Linux is being promoted by the main ISIS forum, but there is no reason for immediate concern.
Cisco confirms ‘ExtraBacon’ zero-day exploit leaked by NSA hackers
The exploit could have allowed hackers to gain access to corporate networks.
The NSA’s website keeps crashing for unknown reasons
Two days after the 'Shadow Brokers' put NSA-linked cyberweapons up for sale, NSA.gov struggles to stay online.
Hack of NSA-linked group is legitimate, cybersecurity firm says
Kaspersky has 'a high degree of confidence' it's the data from the Equation Group.
WikiLeaks promises to release hacked NSA cyberweapons
WikiLeaks says it has a 'pristine copy.'
Russia used mass texts, GPS hacks to bring chaos to Ukraine, British army claims
A new British military report reveals the sophistication of Russia's hybrid-warfare tactics.
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