Amazon defends using footage of suspected thieves in Ring ads
Ring says its sponsored posts are intended to help keep neighborhood's safe.
‘XY Chelsea’ takes an uneven look at Chelsea Manning’s life after prison
Manning tries to move forward as others want to focus on her past.
College students unknowingly photographed as part of secret face recognition project
Images of over 1,700 people captured as part of government-funded program.
Amazon is trying to solve pushback on facial recognition software with a web form
The discovery comes amid heightened scrutiny of the surveillance method.
New Facebook Messenger scam tricks people into thinking they donated to ISIS
The scam has several parts, Homeland Security warned.
Chelsea Manning back in jail for refusing to cooperate with grand jury
'I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard.'
San Francisco becomes first U.S. city to ban facial recognition
'We can have good security without a security state and we can have good policing without a police state.'
Chelsea Manning is free—for now
Her supporters are rallying behind the jailed activist.
FBI takes down site that referred users to dark web drug markets
Site accused of generating millions of dollars by referring users to drug markets.
Chelsea Manning is in solitary confinement—and her trans community hurts for her
Manning spent the past two years building a community, only to be forced into isolation again.
YouTube star Ice Poseidon reportedly raided by FBI
He's reportedly a victim of 'spoofing.'
Feds pose as pedophile for year-and-a-half as part of child abuse sting
Report states controversial operation yielded 'no subsequent prosecutions.'
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning fights grand jury subpoena
Her lawyers suspect the subpoena is related to a case being mounted against Julian Assange.
Trump seems a little upset the FBI thought about removing him from office
Former FBI acting director Andrew McCabe confirms they thought about invoking the 25th Amendment.
FBI given access to database of at-home DNA testing company
Family Tree DNA currently holds over one million genetic records.
Trump spreads conspiracy theory about CNN and FBI collusion on Stone arrest
Right-wing news outlets claim the FBI and CNN conspired to capture footage of the Roger Stone raid.
FBI agents praised for arresting Roger Stone without pay
He is expected to be arraigned in court on Friday.