Twitter says it’s suspended more than 1.2 million users for promoting terrorism
Terrorism-related suspensions dropped 8.4 percent.
Trump says FBI and Department of Justice are an ’embarrassment’
Trump attacked the FBI and DOJ for not releasing subpoenaed documents related to the 2016 election fast enough.
Report: U.K. police secretly deploy cellphone data extraction technologies
Privacy International is demanding an independent review.
Trump lawyer says Russia investigation should end after McCabe firing
Trump was unrestrained in his glee on Twitter.
Hacker Adrian Lamo, who turned in Chelsea Manning, found dead
Lamo was famous for having turned Chelsea Manning over to authorities.
Report: Andrew McCabe could be fired days before his retirement
McCabe, a frequent target of Donald Trump, is scheduled to retire on Sunday.
Chelsea Manning issues grim warnings about cybersecurity
The whistleblower is still trying to save the world.
Democrats release the rebuttal to the Republicans’ FISA memo
This comes about two weeks after Donald Trump initially blocked it.
DOJ forms cyber task force to investigate election meddling
The task force will issue a report by June.
Donald Trump Jr. likes Parkland shooting conspiracy theories on Twitter
He apparently believes a student activist is an FBI plant.
The timing of Friday’s Mueller indictment is making conservatives suspicious
The idea has spread in far-right corners of the internet.
YouTuber warned FBI about school shooting threat from user ‘Nikolas Cruz’
The FBI questioned the YouTube user who flagged the comment, before and after the Parkland shooting.
New report vindicates Flynn, casts doubt on FBI
Conservatives think he was framed.
Trump blocks release of Democrats’ counter-memo
Democrats called the move a 'double standard.'
Chinese police are using facial-recognition glasses to hunt down suspects
The shades can identify someone in 1/10th of a second.
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