Congressman files articles of impeachment against Trump
Rep. Brad Sherman says Trump is unfit to hold office.
House committee approves amendment to end perpetual U.S. war
The U.S. has used a single AUMF to wage war in 14 countries over the past 15 years.
Government websites in 3 states hacked with pro-ISIS message
Sites in New York, Maryland, and Ohio were hacked.
8 out and open transgender celebrities you should know about
Transgender celebrities are out there, and they want more representation in mass media.
These are the 4 steps Google will take to end online extremism
The company will take aggressive actions to stop the spread of extremist propaganda.
The NSA is now sharing dozens of projects on Github
The agency has lined up 32 projects it intends to share on Github.
One dead after van plows into crowd leaving London mosque
The crowd was administering first aid to an elderly man.
Facebook moderators fear for their lives after bug exposes them to potential terrorists
One worker fled his country in fear that he could face retaliation.
In a tweet, Trump confirms he’s under investigation by FBI
The president also went after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
Putin jokes that Comey is like Edward Snowden, offers him asylum
The Russian president went on to deny allegations that the Kremlin was behind election interference.
Trump ‘cares’ about anti-LGBTQ hate crimes—except when his supporters commit them
If Trump wants to know the real threat to queer and trans Americans, the president should get a mirror.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls Russia allegations ‘appalling’ lies
Sessions came out swinging against what he described as 'lies' about him.
Congressman to bring articles of impeachment against Trump
'The evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now. And the national interest requires that we do so.'
Chelsea Manning says she’s ‘accepted responsibility’ for government leaks
'That’s all I asked for, was a chance, that’s it.'