Twitter users miss the kids who walked in on their dad’s interview
The professor was interviewed again. Sadly, this time without his kids.

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Authorities retrace coronavirus-infected couple by tracking phone
They wanted to learn who the couple came in contact with and where.
Migrants are under social media surveillance—and that’s a problem for everyone
Free speech is under threat in the U.S. and abroad.
Messaging app ToTok may actually be an Emirati spy tool
Security experts are calling on users to uninstall the app immediately.
FBI says gamer in cocaine ring used PlayStation Network for drug deals
The FBI requested Sony hand over data on the gamer.
FBI says FaceApp could be ‘potential counterintelligence threat’
Chuck Schumer had called for an investigation into the app earlier this year.
FBI raided millionaire YouTuber’s home, allegedly took everything
Omi in a Hellcat says he's being investigated for tax evasion and money laundering.
Twitter bans cricket club for posting ISIS content in apparent hack
'Why would anyone hack a cricket club's Twitter that has no followers?'
Ring thought surveillance videos of trick-or-treaters were a good PR opportunity
Alongside statistics, Ring also posted videos of trick-or-treaters.
ACLU suing government agencies to uncover facial recognition secrets
The ACLU is suing the DOJ, DEA, and FBI.
Trump finally gets some faves by sharing dog involved in al-Baghdadi raid
The name of the dog remains classified, Trump said.
Obama-era tweet backfires on Trump after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death
Many are also speculating that Trump's Situation Room photo is staged.
Paul Joseph Watson is very upset by bartender serving beer with her butt
He claims this is 'why the terrorists hate us.'
TikTok takes down 2 dozen ISIS accounts being used for recruitment
'Content promoting terrorist organizations has absolutely no place on TikTok.'
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