Cybersecurity is the protection of information systems—ranging from vast networks and an individual computer—from hackers who would steal, surveil, or otherwise cause damage. Cybersecurity is a multibillion-dollar industry with continued big growth prospects for the foreseeable future.

Soldiers with top-secret clearance say they were ordered to install a sketchy app
The app not only has the ability to obtain a user's GPS location data but also their photos and contacts.
Ex-Trump cybersecurity czar Rudy Giuliani couldn’t figure out how to unlock his iPhone
Giuliani had to be assisted by the Apple Store after entering the incorrect passcode at least 10 times.
Alexis Bledel named most dangerous online celebrity
Online searches for the actress may lead you to viruses or malware.
Facebook explains privacy concerns ahead of iOS 13
The update is designed to give users more control over their privacy sharing settings.
Federal judge bans Georgia’s outdated voting machines–but not until 2020
The court stops short of requiring a paper ballot backup in 2019.
Kim Dotcom thinks video game chats can outsmart the NSA. They can’t
Pro-tip: Never use video games to hold sensitive conversations.
Law enforcement using Google location history to find potential suspects
Google's 'Sensorvault' is a treasure trove of information for law enforcement.
Website secretly filmed 1,600 hotel guests for fetish live stream
South Korea police made arrests this week.
‘International criminals’ behind security breach at Citrix
Citrix serves 400,000 companies and organizations throughout the world.
China’s wildly popular propaganda app is quizzing and tracking citizens
'Mom is already approaching  50, her eyes aren’t so good anymore...'
Your Android phone can get hacked just by opening an image
Hackers have a dangerous new loophole.
AT&T, T-Mobile to stop selling location of customers to third parties
It all started with a fake bounty hunt.
The evolution of evil chatbots is just around the corner
Thanks to advances in machine learning, chatbots can now be exploited by hackers to deceive unsuspecting victims into handing over sensitive information.
Dark Web marketplaces are selling children’s Social Security numbers, addresses
They also have their own twisted set of ethics—like, no reselling.
Facebook shared your DMs with tech giants like Netflix and Spotify (updated)
These are among 150 companies granted unique access to users' personal data.
USPS fixes ‘catastrophic’ bug that exposed 60 million users’ data
The agency reportedly ignored it for more than a year.
Report: 81,000 private Facebook messages for sale online
The hackers claimed to have access to 120,000 accounts.
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