A cyberattack is an offensive attempt, often by an anonymous individual or group, to steal, alter, or destroy a target's information. Cyberattacks are also used to damage or destroy a computer device, network, or system.

Chinese hackers gain access to the most expensive U.S. weapons system ever built
A senior military advisory panel claims that more than two dozen major military weapons systems may have already been compromised by Chinese hackers.
The thin line between cyberattacks and real war
Even in the digital age, a country can only legally counter a cyberattack with a physical one if the original attacked caused real, physical damage. 
Cyberattacks on U.S. energy firms tied to Iran
Although the attacks have not been successful, the scale was large enough for the government officials to compare it to last year’s attack on Aramco.
How serious is the hacking threat to the U.S. power grid?
A new report claims there are 10,000 cyberattacks per day against U.S. energy companies, but critics say the number is overblown.
Stuxnet virus may have actually helped the Iranian nuclear program
A new report claims the virus was ill-timed and ineffective, diagnosing a vulnerability in Iranian's system that had not yet been discovered. 
Senator Angus King: “The next Pearl Harbor will be online”
King, an independent elected in 2012, says the United States is at serious risk.
DDoS attack knocks American Express offline
According to an anonymous AmEx employee, the event may have been connected to the fight between Holland’s anti-spam group Spamhaus and hosting company Cyberbunker.
NATO recommends military retaliation against cyberattacks
Hackers who cause death or damage government property with cyberattacks could face retaliation under “the law of armed conflict,” according to a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) document.
Who’s really behind that cyberattack on South Korea?
A North Korean group was the major suspect, but an IP address associated with the attack traces back to China.
South Korean banks hit with skull-flashing cyberattack
South Korea has been hit with a massive cyberattack that paralyzed two banks and three television stations.
North Korea accuses U.S. of cyberattacks
A North Korean news agency claimed that its government websites have been offline over the past two days due to a cyberattack.
Obama says cyber threats “ramping up,” but U.S. not at war
"There’s a big difference between them engaging in cyber espionage or cyber attacks and, obviously, a hot war," Obama told George Stephanopoulos. "What is absolutely true is that we have seen a steady ramping up of cyber security threats."
Report on Chinese cyberattacks gives CISPA a boost
CISPA sponsors Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger point to a detailed new report about China's state-sponsored cyberattacks against the U.S. as evidence that the U.S. needs their cybersecurity bill.
Cyberwar: How scared should we really be?
Are some analysts' fears of escalating cyberwar legitimate, or has the threat been greatly exaggerated?
Iran gets a Christmas visit from the notorious Stuxnet worm
The virus that set Iran's nuclear program back last year has struck again at a power production facility and an oil refinery.
Does reported U.S. cyberattack on Iran justify CISPA?
Many critics of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act  downplay the threat of cyber threats from abroad.
Al-Qaeda Web forums suffer sustained outage, baffling experts
At least five sites have been taken down, leading to speculation about a cyberattack. 
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