A cyberattack is an offensive attempt, often by an anonymous individual or group, to steal, alter, or destroy a target's information. Cyberattacks are also used to damage or destroy a computer device, network, or system.

U.S. government hit by up to 200 cyberattacks every day
Don't worry, they have a system to handle it.
Homeland Security says cyberattacks do less damage than press coverage of them
“Criminal hackers are politically or ideologically motivated and target for publicity."
How Target easily could have kept 40 million credit cards from being stolen
Investigation finds Target security program worked liked a charm, but alarms were ignored.
DDoS attacks are the new black
If you thought DDoS attacks were just a consequence of being online, think again. The "simple" cyberattack actually yields serious consequences.
Obama: ‘I will reform our surveillance programs’
You can watch the president's full State of the Union address here.
The next big cyberattack could be launched from your fridge
Criminals have compromised your crisper.
Hacker offers BBC server to highest bidder
The news site suffers yet another cyberattack. 
Washington Post servers breached during cyberattack
An investigation is under way to determine the source of the attack.
Budget cuts leave U.S. government vulnerable to weekend cyberattacks
If you want to hack a top secret government system, do it on a weekend.
A staggering percentage of businesses aren’t prepared for a cyberattack
These issues point toward the most frequently cited reason for lack of security preparedness: money. 
European smugglers hack Belgian port to steal drug shipments
Criminals are getting better results with computers.
Teen busted for alleged role in largest cyberattack ‘ever seen’
The investigation uncovered large amounts of money flowing through the teen's bank account, so much that, six months later, financial investigators are still sorting through it.
North Korea launches ‘limited and highly targeted’ cyberattack on South
According to Kaspersky Labs, this is the first time a hack can be attributed to a North Korean agency.
Hacktivist groups relaunch a massive anti-Israel 9/11 cyberattack
#OpIsraelReborn was timed to commemorate the 12th anniversary of 9/11.
WWE site choked out by Anonymous Indonesia
The organization's website was momentarily stunned by a piledriver of sorts.
China hit with worst DDoS attack in its history
Its government called the attacks, by an unknown hacker, the "worst ever" in the country's history.
U.S. government enlisted ISPs to fight Chinese hackers
The Department of Homeland security shared the IP addresses of suspected Chinese hackers with American Internet service providers in a previously undisclosed attempt to thwart cyberattacks.
High-ranking general suspected of leaking cyberattack to the press
Did the military's second-highest ranked officer tell the New York Times all about U.S. cyberattacks against Iran?