A cyberattack is an offensive attempt, often by an anonymous individual or group, to steal, alter, or destroy a target's information. Cyberattacks are also used to damage or destroy a computer device, network, or system.

White House officials dodge encryption debate in discussing cyber plan
Ed Felten, a senior Obama technology adviser, called the debate 'intellectually interesting.'
Obama cybersecurity commission could lay groundwork for next administration’s policy
It won't be able to make changes—but if the next president reads its report, that's good enough.
Obama unveils $19 billion plan to overhaul U.S. cybersecurity
The new plan is a grab-bag of programs and initiatives to tackle persistent cyber issues.
Washington wants corporations to disclose their boards’ cyber expertise
Everyone agrees that companies need cyber defenses. But is this the right approach?
Hackers are deploying malware in smarter ways, new report shows
Hackers are using low-tech methods to deploy high-tech code—the perfect storm for security experts.
Suspected Russian cyberattack that hit Ukrainian power plant strikes major airport
The Russian government may not have conducted the attack, but it likely encouraged it.
U.S. detects evidence of cyberattack on Ukrainian power company
Ukraine blames Russia, and several outside experts agree.
Senior U.S. lawmaker’s book imagines rogue German hacker crippling U.S. infrastructure
'Groups like the Chaos Computer Club contain many accomplished hackers, and only a few need to be lured away,' McCaul writes.
U.S. power companies warned to bolster defenses after possible Russian cyberattack in Ukraine
As Ukraine blames Russia, U.S. intelligence agencies are looking into the incident.
How hackers are breaking into the advertising industry
'It's trading one evil for another'
Ukraine says Russia launched a cyberattack that hit its electrical grid
Russia isn't commenting on allegations that it was responsible.
Turkey’s banks suffer intense cyberattacks
Turkish hacktivist group RedHack claimed responsibility for the attack.
The trials and tribulations of America’s chief Internet defender
The head of America's cyber rapid-response team explains how it learns valuable lessons from devastating breaches.
Congress folds controversial cybersecurity legislation into must-pass budget bill
The bill is expected to pass both houses of Congress and receive President Obama's signature.
U.S. edges closer to new data-security law as E.U. inks deal
You may soon be getting notices anytime a company you patron gets hacked.
U.S. and China start detailing historic cybercrime pact
The two countries will conduct a joint exercise next spring to test their cooperative efforts.