A cyberattack is an offensive attempt, often by an anonymous individual or group, to steal, alter, or destroy a target's information. Cyberattacks are also used to damage or destroy a computer device, network, or system.

Cyber-savvy lawmakers urge colleagues to use encrypted messaging, better passwords
Wouldn't we all feel more comfortable knowing our representative used WhatsApp?
Hackers steal millions from Ecuadorian bank in third such attack this year
The network that processes money-transfer orders is urging banks to report every incident.
U.S. intelligence chief warns of increased cyberattacks against 2016 campaigns
'As the campaign intensifies,' a senior U.S. official said, 'we’ll probably have more of it.'
Senators want a clear definition of cyberwar, but international law remains murky
Defining things in international law is harder than it seems.
Two-thirds of large U.K. businesses were hit by cyberattacks in past 12 months
The UK's Cyber Security Breaches Survey of 2016 features has some scary numbers about security breaches.
Three-quarters of companies have suffered DDoS attacks, new survey says
Nearly half of companies have been DDoSed at least six times.
Military’s cyberattack response plan needs work, government audit finds
Government report faults military for unclear guidance.
U.S., U.K. plan simulated cyberattacks on nuclear plants to test resilience against hackers
As cyberattacks grow more prevalent, world powers are growing more concerned.
Iran denies ordering hack of U.S. dam, blasts American government for Stuxnet virus
The U.S., Iran said, was in no position to cry foul.
U.S. charges 7 Iranian hackers for attacks on 46 banks, New York dam
'The FBI will find those behind cyber intrusions and hold them accountable.'
Anonymous declares ‘total war’ on Donald Trump
Will this video leave Trump shaking in his fine Italian loafers?
U.S. confirms cyberattack caused Ukrainian power outage
It's the first confirmed case of a power outage from a cyber attack.
Security researchers say mysterious ‘Lazarus Group’ hacked Sony in 2014
'The attackers have been able to launch several successful operations over the last few years.'
White House officials dodge encryption debate in discussing cyber plan
Ed Felten, a senior Obama technology adviser, called the debate 'intellectually interesting.'
Obama cybersecurity commission could lay groundwork for next administration’s policy
It won't be able to make changes—but if the next president reads its report, that's good enough.