A cyberattack is an offensive attempt, often by an anonymous individual or group, to steal, alter, or destroy a target's information. Cyberattacks are also used to damage or destroy a computer device, network, or system.

State of emergency declared in New Orleans following ‘cyberattack’
City employees were 'immediately alerted to power down computers, unplug devices, and disconnect from WiFi.'
What happens when smart cities open the physical world to cyberattacks?
From gridlocking Manhattan to weaponizing appliances, internet-connected cities may become a security nightmare.
Orbitz was hit by a major cyberattack—here’s what you need to know
The site is offering free credit monitoring to affected customers.
Pornhub exposes ‘millions’ to massive ad malware attack
The virus was active for more than a year.
UAE reportedly behind fake news that sparked diplomatic crisis with Qatar
The UAE has strongly denied reports that claim its involvement.
Trump Organization reportedly targeted by overseas hackers
The attack came as the FBI continues to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
French centrist presidential candidate says campaign was massively hacked
This isn't the candidate's first hacking allegation made during this campaign.
How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi
These 5 tips will keep hackers scrambling.
The 10 best free password managers
You need this now more than ever.
Microsoft wants tech giants to agree to a digital Geneva Convention
Microsoft thinks tech companies should protect users against state-sponsored attacks.
Nearly half of Americans unconvinced that U.S. knows Russia hacked the election
The politics of hacking reveal another dividing line among Americans.
Report: U.S. intelligence agencies say Russia’s hacks were used to help win Trump presidency
A 'secret assessment' allegedly found Russia sought to aid the Trump campaign.
Report: Russia temporarily stopped cyberattacks fearing Trump would be replaced on GOP ticket
'The Kremlin assumed the Republican nominee was showing himself psychologically unfit to be president.'
Outage knocks out all major phone providers on the East Coast
Did your phone stop working this morning? You weren't alone.
Russia’s rise to cyberwar superpower
The DNC hack may simply be the icing on the cyberwar cake.
Online voting is a cybersecurity nightmare
There's much more work to be done—and experts don't see a major breakthrough on the horizon.
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