Cuteness is typically an aspect of another living creature that inspires overwhelming affection and covetous desire. Baby turtles are a good example of something cute. Baby otters, too. Anything baby, basically. You’ll know cute when you see it because of those sounds you make.

Make sure your keys don’t wander with these Totoro coat hooks
Every time you hang up your coat will be a reason to smile.
World’s smallest snowman will help you forget about 2016
This may be the cutest invention of the year.
This dude picked up the wrong Japanese grandma from the airport
At least everybody could laugh it off.
Julian Assange’s cat is prim, proper, and all grown up
The once-playful kitten is sporting a new, more serious look.
Willie the Yorkshire Terrier woke up like this
Whether you’re springing forward or falling back, Daylight Savings Time can certainly mess with your groove. Just ask Willamina, this adorable Yorkshire Terrier with the type of bedhead we all woke up with Sunday morning. Sure, we get an extra hour… to sleep in or chill out in bed. And Willie looks right at […]
British dude helpfully translates 2 cats’ argument over bowl of milk
'Well I introduced you to 'Breaking Bad,' so...'
Woman makes husband wear helpful tag on solo trip to Las Vegas
This should take care of everything.
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