Cuteness is typically an aspect of another living creature that inspires overwhelming affection and covetous desire. Baby turtles are a good example of something cute. Baby otters, too. Anything baby, basically. You’ll know cute when you see it because of those sounds you make.

Reddit meme dog memorialized with 100 photos—and everyone’s crying
'She made millions of people smile over the course of her life.'
Sister makes Tinder account, PowerPoint of potential dates as a Christmas gift
'For Christmas, I'm getting my sister a Tinder date.'
These adorable mop slippers clean your floors with every step
Utilize the power of kawaii to make your home sparkle.
Drone captures mesmerizing footage of dogs herding sheep
This is what it looks like from the air when dogs herd sheep.
5-year-old calls 911 to report the Grinch stealing Christmas
'911 said, "911," and guess what happened?'
The internet can’t get enough of this mother-and-son ‘History of Dance’ routine
She's a guidance counselor and her son's an accountant, but they both know how to feel the rhythm.
Here’s what happens when a cute dog grabs a knife in its mouth
How knife to meet you, little doggie.
This ‘Kids Guide to Roasting’ should honestly be mandatory reading as an adult
Don't ever cross paths with the author of this roast guide.
Declutter your desk with this cutesy lil toaster
The most adorable desk organizer ever.
Cute dog gets away with bean bag murder
A dog this cute can destroy as many bean bags as he wants.
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