How scammers trick horny victims into paying for fake live camgirl shows
This is how men make money pretending to be camgirls online.
Police are using Facebook to get drug dealers to snitch on their competition
'Is drug dealing competition costing you money? We offer a free service to help you eliminate your drug competition.'
Drone delivers drugs to Ohio prison, fight breaks out in recreation yard
Somebody is going to have to figure out how to stop this.
The tricky way hackers are stealing from major corporations
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Anti-NYC hacker takes New York magazine offline
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Three confirmed dead after gunman opens fire in Lafayette movie theater
Gov. Bobby Jindal: 'I'm on my way to Lafayette right now.'
Black lesbian couple jailed after alleged assault by off-duty NYPD officer
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How the FBI may have infiltrated Darkode
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U.K. man charged for naming sexual assault victim on police Facebook page
In the U.K., sexual assault victims are legally guaranteed anonymity for life.
Lizard Squad hacker convicted on 50,000 hacking charges
One of Lizard Squad's core members has been caught.
Police, reportedly investigating child porn case, raid home of Subway’s Jared Fogle
The head of Fogle's foundation was recently arrested in child porn charges
Surveillance footage shows Florida State QB allegedly hitting woman in the face
Unlike the Jameis Winston case, Florida law enforcement officials are showing initiative.
Police Bitcoin theft gives Silk Road defense team a plan of attack
Attorney says the admitted theft of $400,000 from Silk Road undermines the state's case against Ross Ulbricht.
San Diego man claims police conducted ‘unlawful cavity searches’ to find his drugs
He admits he had the drugs, but says the officers found them somewhere else.
FBI investigating St. Louis Cardinals for ‘hacking’ the Astros
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