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Hentai publisher says Kickstarter withheld payout for a month
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Get ready to argue about the alternate-history politics of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’
The show will tackle some hot-button issues regarding race and law enforcement in America.
Marvel just turned Goldballs into one of the most powerful X-Men
The must-read comic 'House of X' just dropped another incredible twist in the X-Men universe.
Adult Swim accused of sharing transphobic comic (updated)
Some argued the comic's message could have a different meaning.
‘Marvel Comics #1000’ quietly deletes essay that criticizes America
Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter is a friend and political donor to Trump.
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Marvel asked ‘Maus’ author to remove Trump reference from essay–he refused
'An Orange Skull haunts America,' Spiegelman wrote in reference to Trump.
These are the 10 best villains DC comics has ever conceived
What twisted minds dreamed these psychos up?
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