Netflix just announced 5 Mark Millar comic adaptations
They're starting with the adult superhero series Jupiter's Legacy.
Steve Ditko, comics artist who co-created Spider-Man, dead at 90
Tributes poured in following his death.
Marvel’s new ‘Immortal Hulk’ comic is an American horror story
Inspired by vintage horror comics, it's a must-read twist.
Review: ‘Captain America #1’ offers a grim view of America in 2018
Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Leinil Francis Yu team up for a politically complex new 'Captain America.'
How to (legally) read your favorite comics online for free
You don't need to open your wallet to get your fill of comics.
Jared Leto to star in Spider-Man spinoff Morbius the Living Vampire
Yep, they're seriously making a 'Morbius' movie.
12 Black Marvel characters everyone should know
Some of these characters may be headed to the big screen soon.
DC’s new subscription service looks way better than Marvel Unlimited
It's the new home for DC Comics TV shows like 'Titans' and 'Harley Quinn.'
HBO reveals cast for ‘Watchmen’ TV series
Damon Lindelof's spin on the classic finally has a cast.
The 8 best superheroes for kids—and where to find them
Here are the best superheroes for kids who love action, adventure, and fun.
Indie comic ‘Jawbreakers’ canceled due to Comicsgate links
The comics version of Gamergate is trying to publish its own comic.
Sci-fi comic ‘Prism Stalker’ is a unique and weird must-read
This biopunk adventure stars a human refugee trapped in an alien culture.
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