The Morning GIF: Murphy’s Law of line-jumping
Trying to find the fastest lane at the grocery store, at a bank, or in traffic? It's wherever you're not.
Dotted Lines: “Honest Voting Ad”
It's time for our voices to be heard! Wait, the election is on a Tuesday?
Tuning in to the Los Angeles Podcast Festival
Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood of Comedy Film Nerds turned to Kickstarter to launch the world’s first festival dedicated solely to podcasts.
The 6 best comedy quotes from Reddit’s StandUpShots
A popular new section on Reddit offers stand-up comedy "for short attention spans."
Twitter comedian pokes fun at 9/11 conspiracy theorists
Twitter funnyman Stefan (@boring_as_heck) is retweeting the most embarrassing tweets from the "9/11 was an inside job" crowd, and letting his followers draw their own conclusion.
Dot Dot Dot: The perfect imperfection of YouTube
Here’s hoping YouTube’s $200 million investment in premium content functions to support the voices that make the network so engaging and original.  
Andre Meadows—born a black nerd
Andre Meadow's Black Nerd Comedy on YouTube is a celebration of gamer and cartoon culture. He just happens to be black. 
YouTube’s biggest stars on the future of comedy
Grace Helbig, Shane Dawson, and Lloyd Ahlquist of Epic Rap Battles of History took center stage at Montreal’s Just for Laughs. 
Hannibal Buress: “Twitter has no vibe”
The former Saturday Night Live writer may be one of the freshest new voices in comedy, but he saves his best material for the stage. 
Twitter’s “50 Shades of Andy Gray” just made soccer a lot sexier
A popular soccer commentator meets the summer's hottest erotic novel, with hilarious results.
“Homo Thugs” mocks hypocritical, homophobic gangstas
Comedians Jermaine Fowler and Kevin Barnett launch a Web series about "two in-the-closet homophobic gangsters who don't even know the things they say are gay."
Daniel Tosh apologizes for rape joke after Tumblr firestorm
An anonymous Tumblr user claims the comedian made a joke about rape at an audience member's expense. 
Dotted Lines: “Vow of Silence”
Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen stops by John Lutz's "The Front Desk." 
Rob Delaney to the Daily Dot: “I had to be good at Twitter”
The affable comedian sounds off on his humble beginnings, Twitter joke thieves, and why Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t need to tweet.
YouTube launches official comedy channel
Meet the five original shows that will lead YouTube's foray into comedy.
Twitter’s funniest person, Rob Delaney, interviewed by Twitter
The comedian took questions from his followers before a live performance at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, and the Daily Dot has captured his funniest answers.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 supercut highlights the show’s 198 best jokes
Sean McDonnell picked the funniest riff from each MST3K episode to create a meticulous tribute to the classic comedy. He regrets nothing!
Animated sci-fi comedy “New Eden” debuts on YouTube
Writer Brett Snelgrove and animator Freek van Haagen hope their pilot episode is funny enough to reel in sponsors for a full series.