Rob Delaney voted “Funniest Person on Twitter”
Fans voted on five Web-related categories for the 2012 Comedy Awards. The envelopes please...
Why Facebook invites shouldn’t talk
If your Facebook friends send out invitation like these, you might want to look for some new friends. 
Touretteshero’s super power is comedy
Tourette's syndrome is a serious condition. But Jessica Thom wants the world to know her verbal tics can be anything but. 
Aziz Ansari promotes his comedy special Reddit-style
Actor Aziz Ansari entertains the Reddit masses—and promotes his comedy special with an IAmA.
The Facebook drama of seventh graders—in one act
The NavySealsofComedy have turned teenager's Facebook comments into a highly dramatic and must-watch play on YouTube. 
Reggie Watts controls the message (exclusive interview)
The madcap beatboxing genius talks to the Daily Dot about his "hit-and-run" approach to Twitter and Facebook.
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