Twitter users miss the kids who walked in on their dad’s interview
The professor was interviewed again. Sadly, this time without his kids.

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Maria Bamford’s ‘Weakness Is the Brand’ is a masterful hour of reflection
Maria Bamford shifts her focus and embraces her flaws.
Fortune Feimster embraces the past and present in celebratory ‘Sweet & Salty’
Fortune Feimster explores Hooters, growing up in the South, and coming out.
‘Shrill’ season 2 expands its world and point of view
Aidy Bryant, Lindy West, and Lolly Adefope talk 'Shrill' season 2.
Woman blasts Stephen Colbert for not paying when she was an intern
'Hoping a single person who sees this signs up for my Patreon, so I can say this tweet paid out more than Colbert.'
Leslie Jones is feeling herself in ‘Time Machine’
The comedy star takes her time in new Netflix special.
Comedians troll Trump Jr. with spoof Army recruitment posters
The comedians put up the posters at an Army recruitment center.
Dave Chappelle’s Mark Twain Prize speech summed up his career
Chappelle's heartfelt speech was dinged by one throwaway line.
Netflix’s ‘Medical Police’ is a hilarious and worthy successor of ‘Childrens Hospital’
Fans of 'Childrens Hospital' will almost certainly enjoy Netflix's 'Medical Police.'
Rob Delaney’s newest special is Straight White Male comedy at its peak
Rob Delaney’s reliance on tired gender stereotypes in his new special quickly grows old.
Family recreates iconic ‘Step Brothers’ scene on TikTok
'Bow bow, I'm Derek and I can sing high like this.'
Review: ‘John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch’ gives kids the spotlight
Comedian John Mulaney creates a kids' show that's a little more existential.
‘Jackass’ returning to theaters to delight and gross-out you inner teen
The pranksters are returning to the big screen in 2021.
‘Christmas With My Father’: Generational tension, without the tension
A father-son duo with little to say and less to laugh at falls flat.
Religious conservatives petition Netflix to pull ‘gay Jesus’ Christmas comedy
The petition has garnered more than 1 million supporters.
Michelle Wolf embraces vulgarity in ‘Joke Show’
Wolf discusses cancel culture, abortion, and more in a solid hour special.
‘Astronomy Club’ reformats the sketch show
The Kenya Barris-produced sketch show draws us into the world of Astronomy Club.
Here are the 15 best Eddie Murphy movies available to stream
Eddie Murphy has been in many quintessential movies, from 'Beverly Hills Cop' to 'Dr. Dolittle' and beyond. Here are the 15 best available to stream.
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