Chelsea Manning to undergo sex reassignment surgery, will end hunger strike
'This is all that I wanted—for them to let me be me.'
Chelsea Manning announces hunger strike to protest her treatment while in prison
Manning’s doctors recommended she keep her hair long, but prison officials have forced her to cut it short.
2010 emails to Hillary Clinton lays out ‘moral argument’ against WikiLeaks
There's a long history of bad blood between Clinton and Assange
How you can help Chelsea Manning fight charges stemming from her suicide attempt
Fight for the Future's prior petition supporting Manning had over 100,000 signatures.
Chelsea Manning faces new charges stemming from prison suicide attempt
Manning attempted to end her own life in June. Now she's being punished for it.
Chelsea Manning’s lawyers confirm suicide attempt at U.S. Army prison
'Last week, Chelsea made a decision to end her life,' Manning’s attorneys said in a statement.
Army, prison, attorneys unable to confirm reports that Chelsea Manning attempted suicide
Neither Manning's family nor her lawyers were notified of the former Army analyst's medical condition.
Pentagon lifts ban on transgender troops
Transgender troops may now serve openly in the military, yet the status of Chelsea Manning remains unclear.
Chelsea Manning appeals ‘unjust’ 35-year sentence
'No whistleblower in American history has been sentenced this harshly.'
As DOJ fights for transgender rights in North Carolina, it blocks Chelsea Manning from growing her hair
Manning's attorney says the DOJ's double-standard is 'problematic.'
WikiLeaks lawyer: Britain must respect U.N. ruling on Julian Assange
He hasn't left the embassy in nearly four years.
This Auto-Tuned opera about Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks is positively mind-bending
Does music have a way of making WikiLeaks understandable?
Chelsea Manning punished in prison for old toothpaste, Vanity Fair magazine
Manning's attorney wasn't allowed to attend the hearing.
The real reason Chelsea Manning is facing solitary confinement—indefinitely
It's not just about a magazine and some expired soap.
Here are the books they won’t let Chelsea Manning read in prison
Chelsea Manning is currently facing solitary confinement for infractions like having expired toothpaste in her cell.
German magazine files criminal complaint after revealing NSA targeted reporters
Der Spiegel's government source was allegedly outed by a U.S. embassy official.