TikTok teen makes a video of his English teacher, the guy who sang ‘Story of a Girl’
Twitter users are crying a river and drowning the whole world.
‘SNL’ skit combines Harry Styles, the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and Disney+
'Harry Styles talking about the Popeyes chicken sandwich on 'SNL' is my religion.'
Will.i.am claims ‘racist’ flight attendant called police on him
He posted the flight attendant's name on Twitter.
The Kardashians receiving backlash for food fight Instagram post
'People are starving and you guys are playing with food.'
Lizzo sued by Postmates runner she accused of stealing her food
The woman says she received 'direct threats of violence' after Lizzo posted her name and photo on Twitter.
2019: The year Logan Paul stopped giving a f*ck about his critics
'On the map of Logan Paul in his YouTube career, it’s hard to pinpoint where I am.'
Miss Fame calls out Justin Bieber for low music video appearance pay offer
'If you request my services, pay my rate. I have bills to pay.'
Fans are surprisingly hyping Moby up for his new vegan tattoo
The musician got a double-sleeve tattoo to celebrate his 'vegan anniversary.'
Instagram covers video costs for celebs who don’t get political
Users who discuss 'social issues, elections, or politics' are not eligible for the program.
Drake booed offstage by Frank Ocean fans
Looks like Tyler, the Creator got caught in a little bait-and-switch.
Nicki Minaj says she will stop using Instagram after it hides likes
Minaj says Instagram hiding likes will hurt independent artists and accused it of working with record labels.
Kylie Jenner denies sending ‘rise and shine’ cease-and-desist letters
People were outraged after it was reported Jenner sent a family business a cease-and-desist letter.
Summer Walker accused of being rude to fan during meet-and-greet
There's an ongoing debate about it on Twitter since Walker is a known introvert.