John C. Reilly’s son Leo is a TikTok star
Everyone is apparently finding out about Leo Reilly this week.
For celebs, Kobe Bryant tattoos are all the rage
From LeBron to Amber Rose, it's become a viral trend.
Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas walks back on tone-deaf advice to young creatives
'I’m sorry to anyone I disappointed or offended.'
Bhad Bhabie threatens to kill Skai Jackson amid feud involving their moms
Everyone and their mom is involved, it seems.
Bebe Rexha says she won’t be ‘imprisoned’ by bipolar disorder
She spoke candidly about her mental health in a recent interview.
Octavia Spencer has discovered ‘Ma’ memes—and she can’t get enough
The horror film didn't necessarily excite fans, but the 'Ma' memes have been hilarious.
Hilary Duff records confrontation with ‘creep’ taking photos of kids
He kept insisting she was the one making it creepy.
Gigi Hadid absolutely obliterates Jake Paul over Zayn Malik diss
'He doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies.'
Kim Kardashian dragged for using makeup to darken her hands
'Imagine applying body makeup every single day because you refuse to be white.'
Joaquin Phoenix rescued a cow and her calf one day after Oscars win
Phoenix has been a vocal animal rights advocate for years.
Orlando Bloom’s tattoo misspelled son’s name because of Pinterest
He has since corrected the 'Pinterest fail.'
Fans speculate after learning Pop Smoke posted address prior to fatal home invasion
Fans think both Pop Smoke and his friend revealed the address to their location, leading home invaders to learn of his whereabouts.
Video of Blueface teaching Obama lookalike to dance is turning heads
'I really thought Blueface had Obama doing the Thotiana for a second.'
Rapper Pop Smoke dead at 20
The Brooklyn rapper was in Los Angeles.
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