Tristan Thompson disables Instagram comments after reports he cheated on Khloe Kardashian
He allegedly cheated with Kylie Jenner's best friend.
Noah Cyrus cries on Instagram after Lil Xan’s baby announcement
Will she try to sell her tears again?
Pose’s Indya Moore goes viral for arguing trans women have ‘biologically female’ penises
Trans women's genitals are women's genitals, period.
Skin-crawling deepfake turns Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill into Mr. Bean
The viral video's creator tells us it's just for fun.
This Logan Paul mural has understandably riled up residents
A controversial depiction of the YouTube star stirs up neighbors.
Megyn Kelly, Sarah Silverman get into tiff after Trump tweet
You can have political opinions and star in children's movies, too.
Kim Kardashian opens up about managing psoriasis on Instagram
Here's what a health expert had to say.
Elon Musk teases a weirdo collab with PewDiePie
Two of the internet's most high-profile white dudes are feeling each other.
Rob Lowe deletes tweet making fun of Elizabeth Warren
Star subsequently issues 2 non-apologies.
BTS attends the Grammys—and fans lose it
The K-pop idols lost. But that hardly matters.
The Grammys are doomed to fail, and they’ve only got themselves to blame
There's a reason Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Drake all bailed this year.
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