People are shook by Simon Cowell’s new face
Is it the vegan diet, or is Simon Cowell a robot now?
Whitney Cummings claps back at would-be extorters over nipple photo
'If anyone is gonna make money or likes off my nipple, it’s gonna be me.'
Who knew Idris Elba choking on a hot wing could be so relatable?
This is the only reaction meme that matters.
Tomi Lahren bashes NFL for its Jay-Z partnership
The new deal is being criticized from multiple angles.
Bella Thorne makes her directorial debut on Pornhub
'Her & Him' features a couple vying for dominance in their relationship.
Mia Khalifa opens up about her time in porn—and says she only made $12,000
When it comes to the systemic struggles women face in the industry, she didn't hold back.
‘Teenage Dream’ co-star accuses Katy Perry of sexual misconduct
'Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?'
Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade returns to Instagram and disses the media
She's calling out the haters. But social media users aren't so charmed.
The ‘Drunk Taylor Swift’ meme fits any mood
And yes, she's seen the memes.
Kid Rock trashes Taylor Swift in sexist tweet
Swift has yet to respond to Kid Rock's tweet publicly.
Mario Lopez calls trans children ‘alarming’
He said his children 'don't kick with those kids.'
‘Once Upon a Time’ divides audiences on its historical context
Is the film confusing if you don't know about the Tate murders?
Ariana Grande apologizes for suggesting JonBenét Ramsey as a Halloween costume
The 6-year-old beauty pageant queen was murdered in 1996.
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