This pic of Beyoncé placing an order is now a meme
She has serious questions about the menu.
Piers Morgan is not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s photos
'Why would we celebrate it? We put up with it, tolerate it, but not accept it.'
The Wonders reunited last night to perform ‘That Thing You Do!’
Three of the original Wonders played Roxy on Tuesday evening, semi-reformed as the Oneders,
Caitlyn Jenner says she’ll ‘seriously’ consider running for office
The reality star says if the administration comes for her community, she will come for them.
Tom Hanks jokes surveillance-loving character in ‘The Circle’ is based on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
'You know that he's a diabolical genius because he has a beard.'
Aaron Hernandez proves we have no idea how to talk about bisexuality
Following rumors that Hernandez was secretly bisexual, fans and media responded with clueless stereotypes.
Let’s remember the time Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage
'Get off the stage!' said Prince, unhappy with Kardashian's presence.
Rachael Leigh Cook updates her iconic anti-drug PSA to address mass incarceration
White eggs and brown eggs have very different experiences.
Fred Durst started a jazz night in Hollywood because he saw ‘La La Land’
Durst may have piggy-backed on the right train.
Serena Williams announces pregnancy via Snapchat
This is about to be one famous baby.
Barack Obama has a new job as Michelle’s personal vacation Instagrammer
The struggle for the perfect vacation Insta is real.
Prince Harry opens up about his mental health struggles after his mother’s death
Prince Harry hopes to "normalize" the conversation on mental illness.
All hail ‘Girls,’ HBO’s generation-defining, TV-morphing epic
Flawed, complicated, and sometimes infuriating, 'Girls' mattered. In fact in all of its messy glory, it’s difficult to list many shows which have mattered more.
The real reason YouTube star Michelle Phan disappeared from social media for a year
'I'm like Jon Snow: I'm not afraid of dying again.'
4chan is hunting for Shia LaBeouf’s secret livestream location—again
4chan has caught him four times before. Can they do it again?
Wiz Khalifa’s new farming game lets you grow virtual marijuana
Grow yourself some marijuana on Wiz Khalifa's virtual farming game.