Is Beyoncé a witch? Conspiracy theory returns with accusations of ‘dark magic’
Bey's former drummer files a startling lawsuit.
Kanye tells Drake, Nick Cannon to stop talking about Kim Kardashian
He went after the rappers in a series of Instagram videos.
Straight fans love queer celebs until they talk about sex
How can you support the rights of LGBTQ people but not their actual sexuality?
Bhad Bhabie raps about former girlfriend on debut mixtape
But don't go labeling her just yet.
Why did Captain Marvel punch an old lady in the face?
Your reaction depends a lot on how well you know the comics.
Lenny Kravitz doesn’t get why people find his huge scarf meme so hilarious
Why hasn't he cozied up to his meme status?
Seth Rogen tweets mind-blowing revelation about Duck Hunt
If only Twitter existed in the '80s.
People on Twitter argue whether Fenty Beauty model Slick Woods is ‘ugly’
She's climbing to success because of her unconventional beauty, not despite it.
Hackers say they’ve leaked sex tapes of Logan and Jake Paul’s dad
'We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re going to keep releasing in the coming weeks.'
Everyone’s been saying Chrissy Teigen’s name wrong
She even posted a helpful video of herself pronouncing her last name,
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