Sinead O’Connor returns to Twitter to annoy ‘white supremacists’
The singer clears up her controversial tweets.
Channing Tatum sure seems to be Instagram-official with Jessie J
A new Hollywood power couple is upon us—just look at their Instas.
This viral, fake Frank Ocean song is hilariously spot-on—and kinda slaps
Learn how to create a Frank Ocean song from scratch with this Twitter demonstration.
Twitter is very creeped out by this Danny DeVito bathroom shrine
Someone really likes Danny DeVito.
IG model Nikki Banner on Jake Paul drama: ‘You can’t break up a broken up couple’
The model accused of breaking up YouTube’s hottest couple tells her side.
Will Bradley Cooper pee onstage with Lady Gaga at the Oscars?
He said the performance would be 'unorthodox.'
Lorde says Kanye West ripped off her stage design
That Kids See Ghosts stage looks awfully familiar.
Stan Lee dead at 95
The legendary comics writer changed pop culture.
Twitter loves this Ryan Reynolds-voiced trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu’
Even Reynolds is shocked at how much the internet loves this.
Beto O’Rourke cutting steak on Instagram is making people horny
Beto is in chill mode—but people are hot and bothered.
‘Thank you, next’ tweet brings Mark Hamill and Ariana Grande together
Here's an icon collision you never expected.
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