Billie Eilish fans riot after being referred to as ‘Avocados’
'Are Billie fans called ... avocados???'
Beyhive coming for Sainsbury’s supermarket over Ivy Park shade
The British supermarket chain joked that Beyoncé's new clothing line looks like its uniforms.
Aaron Carter accused of stealing lion art for merch
Carter called the artist a 'd*ck' and said he should have 'taken it as a compliment.'
Camila Cabello must do more about her racist history
Her apology was hollow. But she has a chance to make it right.
Bhad Bhabie taking break from Instagram amid racism accusations
'Imagine being called a racist white c*nt every second of the day.'
Spotify wants to make a playlist for your pet
Generate songs for your dog, cat, iguana, bird, or hamster.
Ja Rule wants you to let his company handle your taxes
The tax startup is being mercilessly flamed.
‘I’m Yang Gang’: Dave Chappelle endorses Andrew Yang
Chappelle joins the ever-growing list of celebrities who endorse Yang.
Gigi Hadid appeared for jury duty in the Harvey Weinstein trial
Hadid says she will keep an 'open mind.'
Celebs love ‘Parasite’ even though the film mocks rich people
'I don't think they actually saw the movie.'
The Rock trolls Gwyneth Paltrow over her vagina-scented candle
Even Paltrow thought his joke was funny.
Watch ‘You’s’ Penn Badgley turn into serial killer Joe in seconds
He gets murdery at the request of Stephen Colbert.
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