Chris Hardwick makes controversial, teary return to ‘Talking Dead’
Not everyone is happy about his reinstatement.
Anna Kendrick wins Teen Choice award, rubs Ryan Reynolds’ face in it
Ryan Reynolds is a little too quiet about this.
Ruby Rose quits Twitter after ‘Batwoman’ casting backlash
Some fans seem to think she's not 'gay enough' for the role.
The revival of ‘Hey There Delilah’ has Twitter angry and divided
Was the song's muse creeped out by the song? Or was she flattered?
Casey Affleck admits that he contributed to ‘unprofessional’ behavior on set
The Oscar-winning actor speaks about civil lawsuits and Me Too.
Malia Obama puffing her Juul is summer goals
She's living her best life.
Kim Kardashian blasted by PETA for playing with pet monkeys on Instagram
Marmosets are illegal to own as pets in California.
Logan Paul says he wants to fight someone in the UFC
The YouTuber says he's wrestled all his life.
Ruby Rose is your new Batwoman
She'll be joining the Arrowverse later this year.
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