‘Fresh Prince’ actor sues Fortnite developer for using the Carlton dance
Rapper 2 Milly has filed a similar lawsuit against Epic Games.
Little Miss Flint takes on Tomi Lahren’s border wall tweet
There are other paths to 'protecting the American people.'
Netflix announces Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ concert film
What are you doing New Year's Eve?
Chrissy Teigen shares tattoo her dad got of her face for her birthday
It's a symbol of love that really lasts forever.
A year of apologizing to the internet
The year started with a 'So sorry' and only got worse.
Kevin Hart steps down from hosting Oscars, apologizes for homophobic tweets
Hart has a lengthy history of homophobic jokes.
Kevin Hart responds to anti-gay tweet controversy with non-apology
Doesn't seem like he plans on apologizing any time soon.
Kim Kardashian calls out pranksters behind Travis Scott ‘cheating’ hoax
She said the prank was 'absolutely disgusting.'
Internet Person of the Year: Alexandria Ocasio motherf*cking Cortez
In an election year defined by livestreams and grassroots virality, AOC wielded social media like a wand.
Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman feud ends as soon as it begins
Portman apologized for saying she was ‘confused’ about seeing Simpson in a bikini.
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