The MoonPie Twitter account is giving names to people’s cats
Spoiler alert: They're not all just named MoonPie.
YouTuber tearfully reunites with his cat after California wildfires
'My kitty made it. My kitty survived this.'
Michael Rapaport’s reaction to this weird-looking cat is hilarious
Michael Rapaport has always been funny, but this cat video might be his greatest work ever.
This cat who crashed a fashion show is a natural
May the catwalk jokes commence.
Snapchat Cat Lenses let you take goofy pictures with your pet
Now felines can have fun filters, too.
U.S. embassy accidentally emails pic of adorable cat in pajamas
'Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this 'cat pajama-jam' party...'
Cat jumps through a box to attack its poor owner’s face
If your cat is this wild, maybe don't tempt fate.
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