Chamillionaire is trying to help the family of a deported immigrant
The 'Ridin'' rapper attempted to contact the family.
Texas judge interrupts jury to say God told him defendant isn’t guilty
'When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.'
Aly Raisman delivers powerful testimony against abusive Team USA doctor
Approximately 130 women have filed charges against Dr. Nassar.
Steve-O adopted a Peruvian street dog—and the internet is in love
Meet Wendy, Steve-O's new best friend.
Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to give final say on DACA
The Trump administration wants DACA ended—now.
Trump postpones Mar-a-Lago trip as shutdown looms
Congress is at an impasse.
‘Dragon Ball Super’ seems to be over
It's being replaced by another anime in April.
‘The 100’ fan comic gives Clarke and Lexa another chance
The GoFundMe for the comic raised twice its goal.
‘Fire and Fury’ set to push 1.75 million copies, outsell Trump’s book
First-year sales are set to outpace Trump's 'The Art of the Deal.'
Report: Trump personally directed Bannon to restrict Russia testimony
The move frustrated committee members investigating Russian meddling.
Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka wanted on gun charges in Hungary
His love of guns became meme fodder in 2017.
YouTuber Chrissy Chambers wins landmark revenge porn case
Four years later, she finally has justice against her ex-boyfriend.
Amazon and Netflix cancel their niche, weird comedies
Amazon is trying to finds its audience.
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