YouTube hero eats a pepper every time Ariana Grande says ‘um’
'If this video doesn't show you how much I love you, I don't know what will.'
Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell performed a haunting version of ‘Crawling’
The tragic death of both rockers has fans resurfacing a YouTube video from 9 years ago.
Lawyer who met with Trump Jr. reportedly represented Russian spy agency
The new information about the meeting comes at a tense time between Trump and Russia probe investigators.
‘Dawson’s Creek’ star launches note-perfect Diplo parody on Twitter
Actor James Van Der Beek has been masquerading as Diplo on Twitter to promote his upcoming Viceland show.
Julia Roberts to star in Amazon’s adaptation of the ‘Homecoming’ podcast
The star-studded series from Gimlet is getting the streaming series it needs.
Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead at 41
The singer's body was reportedly found on Thursday morning.
Lena Dunham to join cast of ‘American Horror Story’
'Internet teens are way harsh, Tai.'
‘Despacito’ deemed too sexy for Malaysia
The Justin Bieber remix is not affected.
Mueller reportedly expands Russia probe to Trump’s finances
Trump recently called his personal finances off-limits.
John Boyega calls out ‘Game of Thrones’ for lack of diversity
'I ain't paying money to always see one type of person on-screen.'