New bill restricts the EPA’s ability to regulate by cracking down on science
House votes to prohibit the EPA from proposing regulations if the scientific evidence is not made public.
Stop what you’re doing and watch Pixar’s new ‘Coco’ short
Dante the dog just can't catch a break.
Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten defends Trump, cheers Brexit
'You have to support him or you will destroy the country.'
Drake eats bad sushi, gets food poisoning
Drake's bad meal postpones Amsterdam concert.
Donald Trump’s speeches are now a whiny early-2000s emo song
Emo Trump takes the words right out of Trump's mouth, and makes the into an emo song that would be perfect in the mid-2000s.
Louis C.K.’s Netflix standup special is coming sooner than you think
His first standup special since 2015 pops up into queues next week.
Over 100,000 sign petition demanding Melania Trump cover her NYC security costs
The first lady has refused to move to the White House until the end of the year.
Sessions to curb ‘sanctuary cities’ by withholding federal funding
The Trump administration threatens to withhold federal funds from 118 sanctuary cities.
Trump overturns Obama’s labor rules
'The rule simply made it too easy for trial lawyers to go after American companies,' White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said.
‘Game of Thrones’ Red Keep comes to life in Lego form
It took around 800 hours and 125,000 blocks to create.
Forgotten episodes of ‘Mr. Rogers’ posted to YouTube, send possible message to Trump
The episodes depict a face-off between Russia and the U.S.