These apps rate businesses based on size, gender, disability, and POC accessibility
Ample and AllGo want you to feel comfortable when you shop and eat out.
My fatness is not a winter fad
Nice try, I will not keep you warm.
Rebel Wilson blocks enough Black people to start a hashtag
She did not take well to Black people pointing out their erasure.
Rihanna wows the internet with her diverse SavagexFenty fashion show
This is what a lingerie show should look like.
The haters have unsurprisingly come for Tess Holliday’s Cosmo cover
For every celebratory comment, there’s a body-shamer, showing there is still a long way to go.
Social media star Chidera Eggerue is showing other woman that #SaggyBoobsMatter
Team 'Saggy Boobs' is finally getting the respect it deserves.
Lena Dunham serves Instagram a reality check on bodies and beauty standards
Lena Dunham says she's 'leaning in' to her body's changes.
Ariana Grande sends fans an empowering message—and they oblige with selfies
#SelfiesForAriana is the positivity we need right now.
‘The Good Place’ star inspires followers with body positivity meme
Jameela Jamil is asking fans what they 'weigh.'
WWE superstar goes after YouTuber who body-shamed her
Nia Jax easily scored the pin in this matchup.
Can you be body positive if you hate your own body?
How to move past believing all bodies are equal—except yours.
Falling in love with a woman forced me to face my body image issues
Forget the male gaze—comparing ourselves to other women can be just as detrimental.
Plus-size model roasts jerk who tried to make a meme out of her
She showed him how ugly that 'joke' truly was.
2 major players in fashion just banned size 0 models from their runways
Underage models will no longer work long hours, either.
How weightlifting has been pivotal in my eating disorder recovery
I used to eat only 500 calories a day—and now I want to be strong, powerful, and healthy.
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