Discussions of body image cover body positivity, body shaming, eating disorders, and food and diet trends emerging on social media.

YouTuber gives ‘All About That Bass’ an even more body-positive message
This artist says she used both bass and treble in her song.
Why isn’t anyone talking about Nick Jonas’s hairy ass?
Why Nick Jonas' hairy buttcrack is a call to arms in the fight for the self esteem of young adults.
YouTube’s Meghan Tonjes is saving the world, one butt selfie at a time
Hers was the butt selfie heard round the world.
ModCloth takes a stand against over-Photoshopped models
The popular online retailer is putting its foot down on missing limbs and enhanced bustlines.
What a bunch of naked torsos taught me about gay dating apps
Here's what I found out about the stories behind Grindr's disembodied torsos.
Superheroes made me hate looking in the mirror
When I do CrossFit, I still tell myself: "You're becoming Batman."
The most important match question on OkCupid
Warning: heartbreak and rejection ahead.
The conversation on fat-shaming is bigger than Louis C.K.
Louis C.K. starts an important conversation about fat-shaming, but men aren'tthe ones doing the real work on the issue.
To the writer of ‘Dear Fatty’: Where you see fat, I see armor
That is not my story. This is my story.
Don’t let SkinneePix profit off of your insecurities
A new app shaves 5, 10, or 15 pounds off your selfies so you can better meet society’s expectations.
Target makes model look thin and sexy by chopping off part of her crotch
Whoever was in charge of this Photoshop fiasco should start looking for a new job immediately.
Is Lammily the new Barbie doll?
Lammily's motto: "Average is beautiful." 
Japan now has a ‘plus-sized’ idol group called Chubbiness
Chubbiness plays on Japan's current obsession with "marshmallow girls."
Is Reddit’s GoneWild really as inclusive as it claims to be?
A new study casts that openness into question.
Young men turn to Reddit with body-image issues
Women seek out acceptance on YouTube, but men seem to be turning to Reddit for answers.
Victoria’s Secret protesters strip down for positive body image
Taking it all off is one very effective way to win attention for your cause. Especially when that cause is loving your body and accepting all its flaws.
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